How does the new appliance wiring work?

Hi. I’m trying to build a faction camp and wanted to have some sort of power system. I did this in the past before appliances by having a bunch of one tile vehicles connected with cables, but with the new appliances, I was wondered if there’s a way to have single power grid for the entire base.

My problem is: how do I go about connecting stuff? I see you can reveal wall wiring, does that count as a cable? And do batteries need to be adjacent to wall wiring to work? Also, how do I go about connecting stuff that’s not next to walls, or through doors? Use jumper cables? And how would I get power across two buildings that are now adjacent? Do the decorative floor wires work as wiring?

I’m guessing, as I haven’t gotten there yet in my current game (the first one since appliances were introduced), so take that into consideration…

I assume decorative floor wires are what they’re described as, i.e. non functional. However, I’ve found cables for indoor and outdoor use in houses (the piles where you tend to find X-acto knives and duct tape), and I guess they would serve the same purpose as jumper cable does, but for appliances (again, I haven’t tried it yet).

Wall wiring counts as a cable, yes. I’ve also seen that the ‘*’ menu includes stuff like placing batteries and the like.

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Thanks. I’ve tried a bit myself and I got it to work for small distances.

But the new cables you mentioned, so far I haven’t encountered them but I’ve generated my world for some time. Do you think it’s possible if I reveal new parts of the map that they would spawn?

Assuming you’ve upgraded the game, yes, I would expect newly revealed map tiles to spawn items based on the current spawn tables. Furthermore, I would expect that it’s sufficient to bring new tiles into the reality bubble, i.e. that it would be possible to actually visit a tile you’ve seen in the distance on day one but never actually been within two tiles of, as I think the long distance detection only reveals the type of tile, but the spawns are generated as the tiles get into the reality bubble for the very first time.

Note that the above is what I think is the case, not a claim that this is how it actually works: I can be wrong.

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Yes you are right. I checked a nearby suburb and found cords lying around in kitchens, I wired most of my base up and it’s all really nice.

One think I wish for that maybe gets added is some sort of kill switch for all the lights in the base to turn them off when the sun rises, or maybe even some smart lamp that turns itself on when it’s dark, that would be really cool to see.

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