Power Overload

Hey, Cataclysm friends. I recently started a new character with a new set of traits, just for fun- I recently raided a bunker, got several CBMs, including a Joint-Torsion Rachet. I installed most flawlessly, until I failed one- inevitable, I suppose. Upon doing so, my strength dropped from 10 to 6, I was in pain and such. Checking my character menu, I saw nothing- however, upon looking at my CBM list, I saw one called Power Overload. The effects of this reduce my strength considerably, acting when my power is above 75%- sucks for me, as I have only 4 max power as of now.
My question is this, as I’ve tried playing with this disability- is there ANY way, any at all, to remove this? Debug, surgery, repair, anything? I can hardly do anything now- even reducing my power by using it is only a temporary fix due to the fact that I naturally regain it. Thanks!

you’re probably playing the stable version so no. well you could edit the save file if you feel safe enough doing that.

I doubt I’d be able to- I came here from Dwarf Fortress (albeit a long, loooong time ago) and only really feel safe editing RAWs. I guess I could look up a guide- though. And yes, I am using the Stable Version. Experimental had no customization of input delay, which I couldn’t play without.

With enough health and skill, you can remove bionics. You might want to try that first. But be warned, it may kill you.

Only in the experimental IIRC, which doesn’t help him if he’s on the stable version.

On input delay, I think GPU acceleration significantly slows down the game. Something like that I turned off for a massive command-per-second boost.