Can't remove Power CBMs?

Is there a way around this, console or otherwise? Seems silly that I can’t remove a power CBM but I can remove all the others…

I don’t think there is a way to do that without save editing. But why would you want to remove power storage CBMs anyway? There is no penalty for having them installed.

There is a penalty to my mana total for having them installed :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure how to save edit CBMs, any advice?

Well, there is a simpler solution to your problem than save editing. Bionic power is what reduces mana, not the power storage CBMs themselves. So you could just use up all of your bionic power and not recharge yourself to keep access to all of your mana reserves (may require removing the Joint Torsion Ratchet CBM if you have that installed).

If you think that save editing is the better solution I can tell you how do to do that.

I am currently micromanaging my power, as I want some benefit of bionics, but not too much mana loss. So save editing might be the best option I think.

  1. Find the file that has your character data in it (it should be the only .sav file located in cdda/save/your_world_name/) and back it up in case you wreck your save.

  2. Open it in any text editor (any one will do but I recommend notepad++), search for “power_level” and “max_power_level” and set the numbers after them to the amount of bionic power and max bionic power you want.

  3. Remember that save editing is hacky and may result in undesirable side effects, use at your own risk.

no the penalty is not for max bionic power it is for current bionic power if you drain your power you will NOT have mana issues

Isn’t that what Junknown stated and Grimm_Spector explaind why he doesn’t want that?:

yeah, but you can micromanage like that by just not gaining too much bionic power beyond a certain point and also 2 “spells” use bionic power (one of which is "Laze*) and are more powerful the more you have