Broken Cyborg Challenge!

I’m working on a new Guide for Broken Cyborg. There’s lots of stuff that I’ve learned over many deaths and botched attempts, so I thought that I would share.

Id love your feedback, as this is my first real foray into editing the wiki. Notably I can’t find any pages for the bad bionics on the wiki.

Due to my being a former contributor, I’m not on here or the wiki much at all. But since I was the one that added that profession, I’ll give one bit of feedback.

The joint torsion ratchet starts off as a disadvantage due to the short circuit bionic. In fact, I recall Coolthulhu recommended adding the power supple and JTR simply to make that short circuit and power drain actually have an effect.

Did they improve the protection provided by Armour Bionics? I remember they used to be pretty lackluster.

Not bad - you got the most important bits. I’ve run dozens of broken cyborgs, and I got the point where I had a 75%+ lab escape rate (and a very high survival rate after that), so I’ll add some stuff here, though I might be a bit out of date (haven’t updated in a few months now).

Squeaky ankles does seem to me to get zombies attention, at least some, as if walking was just a bit louder than usual.

Bionic short circuit affects dex, not str (IIRC) - the effect is fairly short-lived and can mostly be ignored.

Power Overload DOES affect str, pretty massively, but it doesn’t change the stat in the display; you can test this pretty easily in a lab start by trying to move crates - with full power, you can’t, but sit there a few minutes until the power drain gets you below 75% power, and you can move them just fine.

Leukocyte Breeder at least used to counter leaky bionic (and the health effects of acidic discharge) just fine. Not sure what happens with the new vitamin/health system. That was pretty much the greatest find possible (nano-repair is helpful but too expensive for what it does).

If you don’t have Leukocyte Breeder, acidic discharge MUST GO and soon. Leaky bionic needs to go soon after. Itchy metal thing is a distant third.

My next ones vary a bit, but bionic nostril is always high on the list (I generally try to wear sufficient protection to avoid problems with flu or poison gas, so the extra mouth encumbrance is killer), wire-induced stiffness is VERY annoying for melee types, and noisemaker makes night raiding very dangerous, so those three are almost always near the top.

That looks like a bug.
The code for power overload is in player::suffer, which is called after acting, while most stat-modifying effects are called in reset_stats at start of the turn.
It drains 3 strength.