CBMs, whats going on with them, what happened to limitations and whats the future?

I play the game since arround ~7000 but recent changes really got me confused. For example, ability to remove CBMs has been disabled, and i cannot find any information about how to do it now. Too bad wiki is outdated.
And the unability to remove them make me feel like a cheater because according to wiki i have now 7 slots occupied in my right hand when there should be a limit of 5 (i accidently installed a bionic, i wanted to check what requirements game would demand regarding new anesthesia kit and painkillers, but instead it succeeded without any of these).
This leads to another question. What the heck happened to bionic slot limitations? Was it ever working? And what about bionic power limit? I love CDDA, but this game is hard only at the beginning, you can quickly become godlike with carefull skill grinding and a little bit of good gear. And thats with 8-8-8-8 character. Then you get mutations, these feel ballanced because of high risk of geting downsides.
But bionics? If you can install every one of them, including brooken ones like teleports, stealth, Time Dilation etc. AND get thousands of bionic power (it would weight hundrets of killogrames in batteries or accumulators) then you become baisically immortal and it kills all fun of playing.
So far i allways limited myself to instal only 1000 power and never exceed slot limits wiki has told me about and even then with carefull CBMs composition and carefull use of power i had a character that steamrolled every horde/dungeon/dronetanks and “died” after about 560 days only because savefile got corrupted.

Long story short -

  1. How to uninstall bionics?
  2. Why you need no longer painkillers and tools to instal bionics?
  3. Whats anesthesia kit for?
  4. Are there plans to make slot system working? It would be lovely if bionics informed you in game how much and what space the are gonna occupy. Making complicated tables in Excel just for that to not exceed imaginary slot limits is tedious.
  5. Any predicted bionic power limits? Like, for example every bionic battery takes somewhere between 1-4 slots of chosen bodypart. Honestly, this is the most broken part of the game. For example, Repair Nanobots are powerfull, but they use ton of power. But if you can accumulate more than lets say 1000 or 2000 power, you become immortal, not including landmines or heavy concentrated machinegun fire, wchich can be all avoided.

I hope my english language was enough to understand : p

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They add autodoc(you can find hin in hospital and some basement(if i remeber correctly)) who do this for you, and you still need painkillers and skill

I have not tested it yet, but yes now you have to use an autodoc to install/uninstall bionics.

Below a few links to some recent changes on CBMs instalation


So, now you need some fancy autodoc station to remove bionics (cool) but dont need it, nor painkillers and anesthesia kit for installing them (uncool, might be a bug)?

You still need painkillers and skills + now only autodoc can install/uninstall CBM

Painkillers ain’t needed no more. To install bionics through the autodoc, one will need anesthesia. To install bionics old-style (manually), one don’t need any drugs (this is temporary decision, as now we are discussing what to do with this manual installing).

I know one of the latest experimentals has a mod for hand instalation looks like autodoc is the planned future of this