Possibly incorrect clothing for Zombie Child

Killed a zombie child playing experimental version updated two days ago. Caraclysm++ is the only major mod I’m using. The zombie child’s clothing included a bra and thong which I found somewhat funny but also slightly disturbing. I don’t actually know how old zombie children are meant to be; if young teenagers (13-14 years) would count as zombie children then this clothing is at least plausible. I always imagined them as like 5-8 years, which makes it seem pretty strange.

I did some digging and yeah, the thong is apart of Cata++, not the mainline game. If you really have a problem with it you can edit the loot tables for zombie children and send it through Cata++ GitHub.

Awesome, thanks for looking into that! It doesn’t really bother me, it’s mostly funny to me. Honestly surprised I even noticed it. I just thought it was probably unintentional and maybe worth looking into.

I’ll look into reporting it via Cataclysm++ github as you suggest. Thanks again.

Well, they’re from vanilla (sports bras have 7,89%, bras have 11,05% to spawn on children). Maybe though, zombie children’s ages are variable