Oh my god, she's wearing THAT?!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I love to look over the outfits of fallen zombies and try to think of what bizarre last moments they must have been in before becoming undead. Sure, I know it’s mostly random and sure, I know the end of the world can make things go… weird, but some of the outfits on the fallen just make me laugh.

I think I remember one who was in a wedding dress and veil (sweet right?), but had a set of brass knuckles on her as well. With a wife like that, the cataclysm may have been the best thing that could’ve happened to that poor groom. :rofl:

Cop zombies with gold grills, little kids in tuxedos, tough zombies carrying a doll. I could go on and on. Anyone else ever look over inventories and come up with little stories about what the were thinking or doing right up until they turned?


Some of that was addressed, I think. Kid zombies used to drop crack and sometimes wear wedding dresses, iirc.

I’d imagine they’ll be refined more in the future, there was a PR a little while back that made most drops fit within traditional gender roles, so there was less of a ‘random’ feel to it, and something more reasonable.

We still get a lot of random zombies dropping bike helmets, which was the first thing that came to mind when I read this.

Try imagining a fat zombie in nothing but underwear and high heels shreaded to half a bar.

The horror…


I think one of them was wearing the type of “clothes” i found in a sex shop in game, also one of the child zombies had a wedding ring which was a tad creepy.

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Just the other day I had a child zombie wearing a bondage suit :grimacing:


Yeah, pretty much any walking corpse found wielding a vibrator evokes a weird image


Lol, indeed… At the same time given the moral depravity of society these days also no surprise either. :wink:

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Don’t forget, the bride might have found the brass knuckles while trying to escape zombies.

The story for why a child had a wedding ring might be less salacious and more really, really sad.


Yeah it can be open to near limitless scenarios basically which is fine with me personally

I’ve noticed a huge number of wedding dresses. My recent play had about 60% of the Z’s clustered around a farm and small town wearing them. There were only a few tuxedos though so I imagined it as a mass Mormon wedding; several of the ‘brides’ were children as well so, yeah…


my recent weird zombies loot was a dress on a electric zombie…

a bit of shocking discovery but nonetheless i love it.


Which is 90% of every corpse I found so far.

OK, 2 pairs of earrings and fur pants, whatever. But dental grill + headlamp??


I know, this is about the (weird) things Zombies are wearing, but, just for a moment… can we admire this crossbow wielding, duffel bag wearing intercom?

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I (L)ooked at it, but it definitely wasn’t that


In one of the latest experimental I believe I found a couple zombie kids that must’ve been ‘on the coke,’ and one or two with ‘dark cola.’
Then there’s the one that had two half empty backs if ciggies.
And don’t forget the one with ‘pink tablets’ on it!

It’s possible that this might have just been coincidence and they died on top of those items, but I don’t know.

I uh, is dark cola a bad thing? I honestly thought that was just, like, pepsi or something?

But yeah, based on other people’s comments I guess stuff wasn’t reworked like I thought it had been.

Honestly, it’s just because of the way the itemgroups are set up. It’s easier to pull from already made groups rather than make specific groups for individual monsters. Like, rather than taking the time to set up a different itemgroup for the ‘headless’ zombies, I just grabbed what existed, so they sometimes get helmets and hatwear.

Anyone reading this could set up a separate itemgroup for child zombies (and we could pull from them for ALL the variants). This would allow you to control what they drop when they die and ensure nothing unfortunate pops up. It wouldn’t be a ton of work, and it wouldn’t burden the project with that many more lines, so I’m confident it would probably be accepted. It’s just that no one has done it.

So . . . hey, everyone, why not take this time to learn how itemgroups work? It wouldn’t be that tough, really, for a first time PR, and then you could please everyone that’s been complaining about it. :thumbsup:

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Dark cola is effectively some sort of booze as it can make a player tipsy. Although it is possible I am thinking of a different drink.
Also, trying to change that and putting up a PR sounds like a very good idea, I might try and do that after a bit of learning.

Uhm, I think there’s already one for that, isn’t it?
Group ID “child_items” in “gear_civilian.json” (well, maybe not for clothing, but for accessory)… doesn’t it get used for that? Z-Kids shouldn’t carry pink tablets / cigarettes (well, they could carry crack) if it is, though… so… I’m not sure.

Nope, I don’t think so. It’s just the base for some (alcoholic) drinks. It’s description reads:

Things go better with cola. Sugar water with caffeine added.

Probably more like an energy drink than anything else…

Edit: Regarding the item_group, there’s also this one: “default_zombie_children_clothes” in monsterdrops->zombie_child.json
I did not check if it covers wedding dresses or such stuff, but it means that it isn’t even necessary to create a new item group, just adjust the existing one (if it really causes some weird clothing behavior)…

Mm-kay, so the first one, “child_items” is not a full clothing itemgroup. It’s just miscellaneous additional items that would spawn on a child, and looks like it doesn’t contain anything inappropriate.

The second one, “default_zombie_children_clothes” is a child-specific itemgroup, yes. But, what it does is pull from lots of other groups that are not child specific. So, for instance, the default_zombie_children_clothes will spawn items from accesories_personal_unisex, which is why they can spawn with things like the dental grill someone mentioned up above.

So yeah, there’s a child zombie group, it’s just that the other groups that make up that child group do not contain child specific items. Does that make sense?

So it’s like this. Group A consists of Subgroups B-F. Group A is titled as child only, but subgroups B-F contain items that should only be on adults. So when I talked about creating a child-specific group, what’s actually needed is making a few small child-only itemgroups.

Hopefully that all made sense, I don’t know if it does.

And I just meant that (whoever takes over the task) doesn’t need to create these groups, just repurpose the existing one(s); kick out those subgroups and add in clothing directly.

Also, although morally highly debateable, dental grill for kids exist… And the one wearing a wedding ring can also be explained multiple ways (it liked its look, so the mother/father gave it to her/him, or he/her found one, it was given to them for trading (after the appocalypse started), …); so let’s not go overboard with removing those things from the file…