Possible problem with vehicle turret control unit [SOLVED]

It seems that the turret controls recipe isn’t being autolearned atm when you reach the requirements. I tried even setting all skills to 10 and it doesn’t appear on my list.
As another problem, I don’t seem to be able to install guns to my car even without the automatics. Turret mounts can still be put in, but I’m unable to get it to show the option to install any weapon at all.
As a third problem, my current run has been crashing a lot without any error message when I use auto-travel. Might just be a corrupted save game, but thought I’ll mention it while I’m at it in case others have been having the same problem.
I hope this info allows you to confirm the problem and find a solution.

EDIT: Actually forget about the crashes. They were due to me using an outdated version of the alternate launcher. Turrets still don’t work tho.

Bump. Would anyone have time to check if they have the same problem with the current builds? Inability to install mounted weapons whatsoever on vehicles. Would be helpful to know if there’s something wrong with my game/save or if it’s a general problem. Thanks. =)

Oh, fuck me. For some reason in all setups I tested out I had a solar panel installed in the same square. It blocks mounted weapons. I can’t believe I managed to not get it for this long. I guess problem solved - mostly.

Still seems the Turret Control Unit recipe isn’t properly unlocked.

Took a look at the code. Apparently someone has moved the recipe into a rare book named “Arduino Experiments”. It isn’t autolearned anymore despite what the item browser says.

I guess that means all the problems are now solved. But damn it’s hard to stay up to date with all these stealth changes. I mean… How should I have known =P

And why is the only feasible place to find it mansions? Weapon labs I’d understand, but do rich people really spend their spare time building automated turrets?

Are you using the http://cdda-trunk.chezzo.com/ item browser? Because that ones not updated since 2021 - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Cataclysm is up to date and shows the change. Also shows the more up to date spawning for the book, which is “Pretty much everywhere” which is what I’d expect for an Arduino book these days.

Oh, crap. That explains a lot. Thanks.

Was pretty bad luck to play for like 50 hours and get multiple copies of all the books I knew existed and yet never see this new one. But yea, 2021 was the last time I played.

Since Covid started, it seems year has changed every time you go take a pee break. Just impossible to stay up-to-date on anything…

My last CDDA Install is from July of 2021 so I know the feeling - I saw the next stable version hit the tracker, and decided “Yea I’ll wait for that I guess”.

Still waiting lol. Gonna be a lot of meat on the bones, just hope its not another 3 year release cycle.