Possible Issue with Grappler Zombies

I seems like Grappler Zombies can yank you out of your vehicle, even if there is no possible way for them to either see or reach you.

just had this happen to me while driving a completely armored up vehicle without any windows (uses just cameras for outside vision). It is basically an armored block of metal with spikes up front and a single door in the back (plus another door in the middle.
Somehow the Zombie still managed to grab me from my seat (wich has a 5-point-harness btw) and pull me outside.

Wow, this should be illustrated.

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Few issues going on here – for one, zombies (and other creatures) have for quite some time now been able to see through cameras due to a change that happened sometime in the past 2-3 years, not sure which one. Back in early 0.C and late 0.B, cameras properly worked on-way. Basically LoS now assumes that if you can see them, they can see you, with no exception for things like cameras. Second, vehicles that are turning open up gaps in their walls, so to have a completely sealed vehicle you need at least two thick walls.

Currently, as long as you are not going directly n/e/s/w, any creature can enter your vehicle diagonally, shoot you, grab you, etc. There is no easy fix to this, aside from the workaround of making your vehicles have two layers of walls.

What’s really fun is when they unbuckle your seatbelt and pull you through that hole, out of the driver seat of a vehicle moving 30+ mp/h and instead of having their arms ripped off they pull you to where you’re still in the moving car but no longer moving with it, so it can keep going forward in the turn you are pulled, and promptly cave your head in.

That particular incident was the most annoyed I had been since I discovered that there are monsters that can set you on fire.

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So essentially make your vehichles with double walls. (Might also help stop a couple more round from am turrets)