Can grappler zombies grapple you while on a vehicle?

I recently was on my pedal bike and while swerving through a horde of zombies a grappler zombie came rather close to me. It didn’t grapple me at the time, but I suddenly wondered whether it could or not, and if so, that would likely be rather bad.


Yes. Many an unfortunate survivor has been ended by being pulled out of the front of their car going at high speed and effectively run over by their own vehicle still traveling at said high speeds.


Good to know, I shall be wary. Would a seatbelt help at all?

I don’t think so. Iirc seatbelts only protect you from collisions and being thrown free from the car during said collision. If they don’t help against the grappler though they probably should, but I imagine that would require weird code interactions.

Seatbelts do not help.

This is ultimately what made me go from a narrow ‘open’ vehicle to a traditional fully-enclosed vehicle.

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It’s rather stupid that seatbelts do nothing, that should be changed. For now I more-or-less have to go with my vehicle as is because I don’t yet have the ability to make non-pedal vehicle and I don’t think my character could deal with the extra weight.
Plus, the entrance to where I park my vehicle is cramped.