Avoiding Being Grabbed Out of Vehicle

So there I was, a post-threshold medical mutated survivor with 20+ bionics (thanks deadened for not requiring aneasthic) in my mobile base, experiencing my first winter. Just driving at high speed through a random city, flattening zombies with my shredders, on my way to the refugee center.

When I died in one turn. As far as I can tell, my vehicle was at an angle, a grappler zombie pulled me from the vehicle (despite my 5 point harness), and I was repeatedly run over by my own vehicle till I died (despite all my armor). My seat was surrounded by cargo spaces, and the vehicle was 5 squares wide. I’m running version 0.D.

My question is: how to design a vehicle so this can’t happen again? I’m thinking maybe creating an isolated drivers seat surrounded by either doors, stowboards, or windshields two squares deep? I don’t want to make the vehicle 7 wide as that makes navigation harder, but if I have to…

E.g. current setup (S = seat, c = cargo, b = stowboard/door/windshield


Proposed setup - will this work? Is there a less space-costly way of doing this?

Or are people just going to tell me to don’t drive through cities in the middle of the day at high speed :slight_smile:

Another option would be for the developers to prevent grabs from reaching internal squares of vehicles (assuming external vehicle squares all block access). That would seem more realistic (says the character with dozens of bionics installed :slight_smile: and avoid an unfair death*

  • I recognize that a major theme of the game is unfair deaths. My very first character encountered a zombie solider 10 squares from the starting evacee shelter. I thought “sounds tough, but surely the game wouldn’t put a high level monster right next to a starting character” (based on my experience with many other roguelikes). So I equipped my pocketknife and tried to fight it. Boy, that sounds stupid now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestions


If you want to be completely safe then yeah, double thick walls are the way to go. You can always use stowage boards for your internal walls, you won’t lose as much cargo space that way. The other alternative would be to increase the length of your vehicle and build a dedicated driving position:

Key: q =quarterpanel, S = seat, c = cargo, s = stowage, g = glass, h = hatch


It’s not exactly space saving but I tend to find longer vehicles easier to get around in then wider vehicles.

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I find it amusing but annoying to have a vehicle plow over 100 zombies and when I lose a panel or skid at an angle I pick up several inside my ride. I mean. I chuckle…until the logic of it fails completely and they tear my face off, then I’m like…wtf??

(still funny though lol)

Yeah it is funny yet frustrating to HELL

Thanks for the replies! I found running over blobs the worst, they’d span small blobs within the vehicle which would somehow prevent it from moving until I killed them. More failed realism :slight_smile:

Ohhhh yeah. Good to know. I didn’t think of this. I shall avoid this for time being. Thanks. =)