Hidden ninja car?

I was wondering if installing curtains into a vechicle and driving by turrets or zombies using only cameras is possible? I tried it out, drove up to some turrets but they still shot at my door (I didn’t turn when next to them so there is no way they saw me)…?

Line of sight is reciprocal in the game, even through security cameras.
This is a long standing known issue in the current version (june 2018).

Back in 0.B it worked great, but somewhere in the last three years LoS went backwards and now if you see them, they see you, even if you have a vehicle with no windows at all and cameras on the outside. Narroe put a link to one of the many issue reports on github about it. Stand one square away from the camera controls and nothing will see you. Step onto it, every monster in the area suddenly sees you, through solid walls, because somehow they can magically see backwards through cameras. :expressionless:

Is it possible to drive up to them then turn the cameras off and let your turrets take care of it or will they still continue shooting you?

If the cameras are on, they will see you, so it is better to memorize how far they are, turn off cameras, drive into range, wait for your turrets to stop firing, then turn cameras back on (or just use curtains and open/close them)

Wait, so it worked before? If that’s the case, somebody with an afternoon free should do a git bisect to find the exact patch that broke it.

I don’t think it’s that simple. I’m not a coder, but from what I’ve been told, it’s because Line of Sight, as a whole concept, works as ‘if you see them then they see you’. It’s not that something small broke, it’s that it’s been built that way.

More like it was rebuilt at some point. It used to work several years ago, but at some point when I took a break, it was changed and no longer works. Chances are it was not a small change, or it would have been fixed rather quickly.

Doesn’t matter, if it worked before, it’s possible to isolate the patch where it first broke, which can help with fixing it. You say it worked in 0.B? If I have an afternoon to kill soon I’ll bisect and see what’s what.

IIRC Cameras also worked properly back in the stable release of 0.C.

It was somewhere into the 0.C experimentals that it broke, I don’t recall when exactly, but I took a two year break a ways into 0.C and when I came back it no longer worked when it had before. Somewhere someone changed how field of view/line of sight worked, and cameras began acting like magical windows.

Long time issue, but can be avoided by ‘peeking’ through windows or cameras.

I swear I though ‘ninja’ was code for ‘demon’. Kind of confusing the lingo of the kiddies, ala DF and ‘clowns’. A clowncar being that spawned rush of demons after popping an addy pillar. Or ‘cotton candy’ pillar.

Kids. When your euphemism is only a stand in for what you originally censor its not a useful one.

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