How do monsters get into my car?

Will the problem ever be fixed when monsters can make their way inside the vehicle when it stands awry

The same applies to when they notice me, when I sit in a completely closed car.

First of all, an image of your vehicle would be nice.
AFAIK, monster can only get inside if:
there arent any blockable parts in a vehicle (like quarterboards)
there are broken parts (like a broken windshield, or a broken board, even if it seems solid the can cross it, since its broken)
you left and open door
you drive in a diagonal way and the get inside between the spaces

About the completely closed car part:
If you use cameras (turned on), i read they can see you because the way it is coded, is as if the character is standing at the camera place, and that why they notice you.
If you mean that they start attacking the car even when they hadnt see you, zombies wreck every car the get across (sometimes while im running from an horde, one of them crashes a car and then they shift their focus)

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Sooner or later, this will be fixed. I have a tech demo of filling in gaps in angled car parts that I got working this spring, but it needs a lot more testing and polishing.


And the camera thing? Would be a shame to have cameras be hotspots for zombie targeting.

thats only if the camera is turned on, but still is a hassle if you just want to ram into a turret, or get aimed from other mobs with range attacks. unless that changed.

I cant say I’ve noticed the camera thing. I have a 5x5 vehicle that is completely enclosed and only has cameras to see outside, and Zs never seem to notice me. Unless it’s part of a mod I have?

The camera line of sight bug they’re talking about got fixed in the 0.D Experimentals a few months after the launch.