PoraComp Mod Thread

Heyo all, stopin’ by to drop a link for my now on github mod PoraComp.

PoraComp is a mod created by myself for the purpose of compiling my mods into one easy to install package, as well as adding bits and bobs that did not fit into any of my other mods, but I personally think make for a more intuitive gameplay experience.

A full changelog can be found at the github;
PoraComp Github Change Log

And the latest release can be picked up anytime with this link;
PoraComp Latest Release

Annnndd a FAQ can be found here;
PoraComp FAQ

PS. The install guide can be found here now;
PoraComp Install Guide


Big update pushed through, survivor armor has been re-balanced and changed around. I’ve personally tested it for a couple weeks of play but could use some more feedback. Couple other changes and also a new insta-heal item with powerful drawbacks to repeated use! Check changelog up top for more info per usual o/

Looks good. I like the idea of a UPS pouch, but how does it work exactly? I assume you activate and specify a UPS to store it in there, but how does it know whether you want to activate the contained UPS or remove it from the pouch. Is it made such that only UPS devices will show up in the list of things to store, or can you stick anything of the appropriate volume in it?

Also, the nutrient cubes. What exactly are they, aside from food? Honestly, I’m picturing Soylent Green cubes when I think about it.

The UPS Pouch works pretty much as ya think there, activating an empty pouch allows you to stash a UPS inside of it. Activating the pouch removes the UPS from the pouch, which is necessary as you gotta take out the UPS to charge it or pop in some plutonium in the case of advance UPS, though do note that items that draw off UPS power will draw off an in-pouch UPS. It is made so that only UPS and advance UPS can be shoved into it. It’s a niffty storage saving bit, since each UPS takes 2.5L in inventory.

The nutrient cubes were as the name says, small jello-y cubes packed full of nutrients and fairly nutrient dense compared to most foods. Pre-war creation top of the line heath food sorta thing, and not made of people. Probably. To note though, nutrient cubes were removed in the most recent update that also brought the survivor armor changes. While they were a cool concept, the nutrient system isn’t really fleshed out enough to make a food like that useful. They were replaced with the BioCo Food Bar, which is less nutritiously dense but significantly more calorie dense which makes it a great food to carry around for those with the metabolic inter-exchange!

The unified survivor armor changes look good. Are they mutation friendly (XL version) by default?

Nope, the new armor bits are all non-XL, therefore mutation unfriendly.

Large update time!
PoraWep was refactored into PoraComp, a one stop shop for installing all my mods in an single folder.
Fret not, if you only want the original PoraWep items you can easily open the folder and erase the other mods as they are kept in nice, separate, and named sections.

PoraComp now consists of:
PoraComp, which is misc. additions and rebalances
No Freeze, which prevents all comestibles but water from freezing
BioCo, which adds in a challenging way to create CBMs
MagTec, which is a new mod that rebalanced existing UPS/Projectile weapons and adds one.

Further information can be found on each mod’s github, and links to each mod’s github can be found in the PoraComp changelog.
As usual, feel free to send me suggestions about content you’d like to see added!


Annnnd, another large update time!

Added lots of BioCo content, new medicines CBM recipies and the like.
Added three twisted zombies with their own tiles
Added a Bioco Scav bot, AKA loot pinata
And more stuff I can’t recall, but you can see in the changelog linked up top!


Holy cow, MutEx zombies are insane. I got picked up and thrown through a wall, 2 display racks and another wall. It was like something out of a comic book lol. I think making them spawn in large packs was a bit much, they follow you through walls like it’s nothing and are at least as fast as runner. There’s no getting away from 6 of em at once, they just play with you like a beach ball.
Also…have you heard of secronom?

Whoops, I actually had them set like that for some tests. Updating now to intended spawn, which is as pairs at most for brute/hollows and solo for the hulks. Also adding in a new one soon, with the new power of LUA monster attacks <3

And I hadn’t seen that mod, that’s pretty awesome! I like the deadfrontier style titan zed.

It’s way out of date, but author had good ideas. I’m glad that wasn’t the intended spawn rate lol. It was amusing getting caught out in the open by a group and pinballed around, once or twice. I made a knight character just so she could soak up some collisions. A group of 6 tore her to pieces without being able to respond at all. It was great!
Maybe they could spawn like that in really really rare spots…

No progress on secronom, however I’ve massively updated the monstergroups and redone 40K mod monsters, not to mention proofreading the thing. As soon as my plans with bandits mod are done I’ll be dropping an update.

However, that’s not why I’m here. It seems this went in recently and causes an error on load. The vacuum packed stuff was changed, noFreeze is where it’s having issues. Seems to load ok, though I had an error about bag_meat_vac. It seems to be in mainline though, looks like there’s a recipe leftover.

Anyway, good night.

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Blehhh, I can guess pretty easily why those errors are poppin’ up. I’ll go ahead and fix it up but with CCNA cram expect a patch goin’ out sometime after the 20th

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Halfway to big update! 1.5.5 is out which adds two pretty interesting zeds to the mix, but mainly a lot of framework that will support the giant influx of 1.6 content I got planned. Check the OP for the usual links to the download/changelog

The latest version seems broken after it returned to menu with a huge modlist while creating the first character of the world i tried a new world with just the 4 default mods plus poracomp and got the same errors when making a character.

DEBUG : Error in lua module: data/mods//PoraComp- module ‘./data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks’ not found:
no field package.preload[’./data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks’]
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072\lua\/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.lua’
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072\lua\/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks\init.lua’
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072\/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.lua’
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072\/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks\init.lua’
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072…\share\lua\5.3\/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.lua’
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072…\share\lua\5.3\/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks\init.lua’
no file ‘.\/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.lua’
no file ‘.\/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks\init.lua’
no file ‘./lua//data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.lua’
no file ‘/usr/share/cataclysm-dda/lua//data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.lua’
no file ‘/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda/files/lua//data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.lua’
no file ‘/storage/sdcard/Android/data/com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda/files/lua//data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.lua’
no file ‘/storage/sdcard0/Android/data/com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda/files/lua//data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.lua’
no file ‘/storage/sdcard1/Android/data/com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda/files/lua//data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.lua’
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072\/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.dll’
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072…\lib\lua\5.3\/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.dll’
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072\loadall.dll’
no file ‘.\/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.dll’
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072.dll’
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072…\lib\lua\5.3.dll’
no file ‘C:\Users\Quintin Carr\Downloads\cataclysmdda-0.C-8072\loadall.dll’
no file ‘…dll’

FUNCTION : int traceback(lua_State*)
FILE : src/catalua.cpp
LINE : 1263

DEBUG : Received unrecognized iuse function Zygote_Kit_IV, using iuse::none instead

FUNCTION : use_function Item_factory::usage_from_string(const string&) const
FILE : src/item_factory.cpp
LINE : 2484

DEBUG : Error: data/mods//PoraComp- line 26:128: Invalid special_attacks

"armor_cut": 20,
"vision_night": 5,
"special_attacks": [ [ "SMASH", 30 ], [ "GRAB", 10 ], [ "RANGED_PULL", 10 ], ["twisted_brute_swipe", 10], ["BESERK_CHARGE",
                                                                                                                            1 ] ],
"death_function": [ "NORMAL" ],
"flags": [

FUNCTION : bool main_menu::new_character_tab()
FILE : src/main_menu.cpp
LINE : 694

This one actually stumped me for a bit, until I remembered I have a very bad habit of removing the -master from all my github downloads >.>
It’s caused by the folder the mod is in not being called ‘PoraComp’ so the LUA doesn’t know where to find all of its nice components.
I nestled everything inside a correctly named PoraComp folder so that installation shouldn’t result in the error anymore.

Also there’s now a PoraComp/tree/master/PoraComp/PoraComp path, which is hilarious.

Hmm. I’m still having this error, the same as the guy 2 posts above me

Huh… I can see in your explorer that the folder directory is data/mods/PoraComp-master/PoraComp/LUA. It should be data/mods/PoraComp. Adjusting it to that will fix it for now.

Though, I didn’t actually think anything could even load if the modinfo.json file wasn’t in the folder immediately following the mod folder. I’ll have to find a better way of loading things LUA side than specifying directories.

Sorry, how do I do this exactly? The folder is like poracomp-master>poracomp>poracomp with the other folders like the LUA one

You just move the poracomp folder out of the poracomp-master c:

So the final directory for the mod should be \data\mods\PoraComp

I’ll look into how to make github nicely name a folder not -master so this doesn’t happen and I can more sanely organize the directories