PoraComp Mod Thread



I think its getting closer, but it still doesnt quite work

Is it because the Outside and Inside folder are both called “PoraComp”?


Nah, the second poracomp folder in there shouldn’t cause any issues. I’m actually having trouble replicating the issue at all, and the “…n.cataclysmdda/files/data/mods” bit of the error makes me think that android CDDA looks for LUA files differently than desktop CDDA.

I’ll have to tinker around and find some way of making them look for a relative path to find it, I didn’t know android did LUA a bit differently

Edit; Changed up the require function arguments… it might work? I don’t have any android I can test on and form the output it should have worked in the first place so it’s a bit of a blind fix :seacry:


Ok, so i moved the preload.lua into the Inner Poracomp Folder and I stopped getting the big message. But now the zygote kit IV one is crashing me.

Here’s the debug version:
07:00:33.876 : Starting log.
07:00:33.876 INFO : Cataclysm DDA version 0.C-34879-g0d38d2d
07:00:35.812 INFO : SDL version used during compile is 2.0.8
07:00:35.813 INFO : SDL version used during linking and in runtime is 2.0.8
07:00:41.226 WARNING : opendir [/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda/files/mods/] failed with “No such file or directory”.
07:00:49.158 ERROR : couldn’t parse color: c_grey
07:00:49.970 ERROR : couldn’t parse color: c_gray
07:00:49.1000 ERROR : /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Cataclysm-Android/android/app/jni/src/item_factory.cpp:2484 [use_function Item_factory::usage_from_string(const std::string &) const] Received unrecognized iuse function Zygote_Kit_IV, using iuse::none instead

I think I can boil it down specifically to the iuse_actions.lua file, but I don’t have any idea how to fix it, or where to move it.


Moving the preload.lua out of the outer PoraComp folder just makes it so the game loads none of the LUA components at all. The resulting zygote error is due to the item use_action being missing, 'cause its in the LUA that is now not being loaded as the game found no preload.lua in the same directory as the modinfo.json .

As I still have no idea what the android directory is, or why its not loading correctly I can’t really directly fix the issue but I do think there’s a way to patch this verrryy specific issue for you.

The preload.lua file has several require() fields at its very start

If you replace the contents inside the quotation marks with the exact directory of the files it’s asking for (eg. “somedirectory/moredirectory/catacylsmfolder/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA/monster_attacks.lua” it should load.


One thing I notice is that I don’t have the tk_izu file. Could that be a reason?

Sorry for all the questions. Could this be the problem?

You see the line where it says

Could that early lua be the problem? Also, I did add .lua to the ends of the require thing, but I’ll change it back, I was messing around with stuff.


No problem, this particular issue 'as even me stumped a bit so questions are to be expected.
And the tk_izu file is just a dev branch file, if you don’t have that particular one don’t worry. Just means you’re running release builds!

Now, this most recent error is interesting. Unless you moved the require() line that lists the corroutine files to the top, everything prior to that one successfully loaded including the monster_attacks file that wasn’t loading before. Is there any difference between the two require line for monster_attacks and the require line for coroutines?


I moved it lol. I’m stumped.


Ah, if ya moved it that makes sense then. And yeah, I think CDDA might just have the wrong LUA_PATH set for android. The extra /lua/ in there absolutely is the thing messing up the directory if it doesn’t match up 1 for 1 with that actual path you can see on your device. But, it’s handling the non-android part fine as I can see the top section “/data/mods/PoraComp/LUA” is all good aside from the .lua you were adding to test.

I’ll contact some more hardcode oriented people on the discord, see if this is an issue with how android handles the require field. Till then I don’t think this or any mod that uses the require field in LUA is usable on android :seacry:


Chatted with Zhilkin on discord and learned that the paths for android do differ a bit from the ones not. Added a couple LUA_PATH bits and now it should work for ya c:


Thank you so much! It works!


Can some1 help me with downloading the file and putting it on my phone


Download ES File explorer. Next, on this page go to the latest release at the top. On the github code page, scroll to the bottom and there is a desktop version. Click that, then click a green button labeled “Clone/Download”. Download as a 7zip file. When it’s done, go to your downloads in your browser then click it to open it, open it in ES File Explorer. A folder named Pora comp master should be there. Hold on to it, then press extract and pick choose path. Go to Android>data>com.cleverraven.cataclysmdda>files>data>mods and press ok.

But you’re not done yet, go into the folder Pora comp master after and hold the PoraComp folder to extract it into the mods folder where you just extracted the but not inside Pora comp master. Then you can delete the empty master folder and you should be good to go.


Thank u for the help