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Continuing the discussion from Splitting hairs over genocides:

Noted, but also… you’re participating, so maybe address that before calling for organizational changes to the board :confused:

I find it difficult to justify banning all sociopolitical discussion, because any time I’ve seen that enforced strictly, it ended up cutting off legitimate discussion as well. Ans when it’s not enforced strictly it boiled down to a, “don’t offend anyone” rule because it was complaint driven.


The board sort of allows us to…

Didn’t call for any organizational change, I’ve stated i have no quarrel with the eventuality of that specific topic getting purged. A statement I’ve only made due to my participation.

Users come and go, I’ve been banned plenty from plenty of boards for no reason i’d apologize for. You’ve called the thread borderline already and I will cross that border, For I am obliged. To cross that border, Should it come down to it.

slams fists on desk

How dare you bring up crossing borders in a political discussion thread.

You might not know you did, but you did. You worded it politely, which i appreciate, but we have no policy of deleting threads, and you suggested doing just that, as well as suggesting a “no politics” policy.

Sounds like a you problem.

Firstly, That’s bloody wonderful. second… What I’ve said was; Paraphrasing from the post you linked in OP;

/I've no desire to shit on your lawn/

But i will, Even tho i’ve no desire to do it here. :confused:

Which was an apology m9, not a sign of confrontation or a subtle que to start the censorship wagon.

Anyway, with that out of the way.
Would you like to join us in the previous thread?