Is it possible to make a "swimmable" and "place_item" flag on terrain simultaneously?

Since non-boat items seem to dissapear (cars, etc.) when they touch water is it possible for place item flag to co-exist with swimming flags, if you were to create a tile that had both the swimmable and place item tag?
I’ve been thinking of work arounds to possibly get a submerged below z-level (pun non-intended) tileset to work like for a half flooded office building, and I was wondering how it would be possible to place furniture in a area while still counting as “water”
Edit: messing around in debug it appears it is theoretically possible to place furniture on water tiles, but you cannot move them. This then begs the question is will it cause the game logic to crash if you generate furniture in water tiles through mapgen?

Cars disappear because it is coded that way. Someone needs to work on the code for vehicles to not disappear, but to be submerged.

This seems too simple of a solution so I bet somebody has already asked but wouldn’t the solution be to just program water tiles to function like open air tiles when touched by vehicles?