Experience With Boats

So I’ve noticed the following problems while fooling around with boats:

  1. The land-speed measure doesn’t match spaces moved, 20-speed = 1 space every 2 turns.
  2. Boats can ram things that are underwater, like fish.
  3. If you jump out of a boat, you won’t be able to dive until you reach a proper land tile and re-enter the water (Boarding the boat again causes an error message but proceeds normally afterwards). You can avoid this by moving onto a “protrusion” part, like a spike or blade, before going into the water.
  4. Encountering a boat while diving makes you board the boat if you try to move onto it.
  5. Enemies can attack from underwater, even if the spot they occupy is under your boat. You can attack them, but can’t see them and all attacks are from “unseen sources”.

Which are all good reasons boats aren’t in mainline.