Plazma-rush's mods

Hoi! I’ve been modding Cataclysm for some time now and I’ve decided to make a post here to dump some of the stuff I’ve made.
So far I’ve only got this one pretty lame mod ready for actual use, but if I ever finish anything else I’ll post it here!

DashMart Online Store
This mod adds an online store where you can buy pretty much all the foodstuffs in the game. Items are delivered to you on the hour, but only if you’re outdoors.
You can add funds by draining charged cash cards into your account
The item that lets you access the store has a small chance of spawning anywhere smartphones spawn (so very rarely in electronics stores and office areas).
Fair warning, if you find one of these early-game it pretty much trivializes finding food and water.
I actually made this intending to modify it for use as a military supply drop system for a different mod.

Save Preparer
This mod’s only purpose is to help with adding the above mod(s) to already existing characters.
If you create a brand new character in a world with the above mod(s) already active at the time of creation, you don’t need to use this.
To use it:

  1. Add this mod to the world.
  2. Load in a character you have in the world, then immediately save. Do this for every character you have.
  3. Remove this mod from the world.
  4. Add the above mods you want to the world.

Awesome,Thank you for your work.
This is what I need. :hugs:
I can Linkage with my Gunworld mod at that time.

Okay, so I updated it as of 7:22 AM EST.
I realized that this version is actually borked.
It tries to check for the amount of DashMart money you have whenever you load the game, but if it fails to find the entry, all the scripts break.
Thing is, that entry is only made if you actually find and then use the mobile store thingy, so if you save before you can find and use the mobile store, it won’t work, ever.
I fixed that…
…but then I realized that this also means the mod won’t work if you add it to an already-existing world.
I’ll work on fixing that next.

Edit: Okay, I found a solution. I added a special mod to the main post. Add it to your world, load in and then save on any characters you have in that world, then remove the mod and add DashMart (or whatever of my other mods that I may post here).