Adding a mod to a world

Is there a safe way to do this? Can I just edit my mods.json for the world and add that mods identifier into the list?

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Yes you can, backup your save before to be safe but it should work and the new stuff from the mod will start to apear as you get to new previously unexplored places

Neat, sadly I think it’s unsafe to add the mod I wanted after some more reading. Blazemod seems to be extremely out of date, and without it I cannot have Tanks either, it’s a real shame.

Yeah definitly not blazemod, but good news a new version is currently being work on so it should be playable again soonish

It’s in, isn’t it? Blaze Industries.

I’m using 0.E+ the experimental build and I don’t see any such mod…

Which build? It’s definitely there:

edit: it was added sometime around 10615 or maybe a couple builds later.
edit2: 10618, right when the nested containers dropped.

I’m using the launcher which tells me that 10614 is the newest, from 9 hours ago. I’m using 10606 from 2 days ago currently. I definitely want this mod! And the updates Tanks mod if it’s available. Not sure how to get it though then.

that is…odd

…I had the launcher open for too many days … my entire bad, oops! lol

Nested containers? Sounds cool. Ok I’ll download a newer experimental and see if I can add the mods, thanks so much!!!

No worries. Just be aware things are in a state of flux right now. Nested containers are very new and the teething issues are ongoing. Backup your save.

Yup, already backed up. Not even sure what nested containers are!

I’d back up my whole install, tbh. easier to rollback then if everything goes to hell.

edit: A bit of info on nested containers here:

Thought the launcher did that, but no clue how to restore it if it does…but I already installed so I guess I’m SOL if it blows up.

launcher puts the old install into a folder called previous_version inside your cataclysm folder

Ah I see, thanks again.

It seems something is borked, when I try to load up my save it quits out to the main menu near the start of the load, without any message.

Probably mod related. I’ve taken to calling this update The Great Divide.

There any log file or something I can look into to find out what’s causing it? I figured it was likely mod related.

logs end up in cata/config. It’s rare, but sometimes one can decipher useful information from them.

Yeah, the debug log sure isn’t clear to me.

I do show:
11:20:27.619 WARNING : opendir [./mods/] failed with "No such file or directory".

And after that
src/main_menu.cpp:1188 [bool main_menu::load_character_tab(bool)] Error: data/mods//Advanced_Technologies//at_containers.json: line 4:16: unrecognized JSON object

I assume it’s something with this mod that causes the problem. Not even sure what all that mod provides.