Don’t see how a Survivor Suit is useless. It provides pretty much everything you’d want in armor: Full coverage, high protection, ample storage, covering your torso, arms and legs. It’s not what it was back in Stable where it was like a full body MBR vest, but it’s still one of the best options.

Try a Survivor Firesuit or Light Survivor Suit, if you don’t like standard Survivor Suits.


I got Doomguy to work.

Not to work.


NPC Doomguy would spawn as a slightly unintelligent aggrohog.
NPC Doomguy should now spawn as a well-equipped slightly aggressive aggrohog.

Any ideas for more npcs? Now that I can get one to work, I can get more. And since the mutations have been fleshed out some more I can add in customized npc mutants.

Unfortunately, they either have to be randomly spawning NPCs, unweighted against the other types, or specific to a location. Maybe could code in too? But cant be special rare spawns or something…


5.7.2 is up.

Acidic ants got PKed. Its actually a bit of a nerf, imo. Mostly a nerf >.>


Powered marine armor got nerfed. Please do note that you get a +20 speed bonus if its powered. As well as a +4 str, lightning resist, psyshield, and a few other things. Including more armor.

diddled the normal ants until they stopped making humans grow out of larvae.


Normal Ants:

  • no longer make humans grow out of larvae.
  • Foragers have a strong scrib attack.

Acidic Ants:

  • Do not have the growing capacity of normie ants.
  • There are fewer acid ants, and they are slower with less sensual capacity, but use acid to attack, have higher cutting defense, and have more brute force.
  • The acid they poop out is heavily nerfed, as I found it gaudy. Still happens though.
  • Their acid attacks have less AoE/Range, on average.
  • There are two [2] new acidants. They are strunk in their own ways.
  • Only 1 type, a rare one, can bash. The soldiers cannot even climb.

The Powered Exoskeleton Suit:

  • Less armor. When active it has more than when not.
  • Less envio prot
  • Has (and has always had) a dex penalty when unpowered.
  • Has a strength bonus when powered
  • Has a Psyshield when powered
  • Has a 20% speed boost when powered
  • Has electricity resistance when powered.
  • Makes you crave power when powered.


Is this different from the Powered Marine Armor?
And how does it make you crave power? Because I literally need to use Storage Batteries to feed my energy banks at this point so I think I can afford to crave that delicious energy.


I changed the powered marine armor. I nerfed its armor values and made it stronger when powered.

However, I also decided to point out to people the benefits of powering it. It has been, and will, provide the following when powered and worn:

  • +4 strength
  • -3 dexterity (even when unpowered)
  • +20 speed bonus
  • psychic shielding (from paralyze attacks and a few other ‘niche’ effects)
  • partial electrical resistance (even when unpowered)
  • ‘evil’ effect (a psuedo addiction to it)


Damn. The issue with Evil is that there’s no floor to how much it drains your stats, but will only increase your STR by a maximum of 10.

Granted, +10 STR is nothing to sneeze at. But when you have 0 in everything else, is there a point?


Evil takes time to acumulate, and will decay over time, and rather quickly too. 450 minutes is less than a day, and it needs to be on and used to count.


A side by side of the Powered Armor powered v unpowered.


There really is no armor per-se that allows for no encumbrance. But in real life there is. Which has long been a contention of mine about this game.

There are items that allow you to not have over 10 torso. But nothing that pertains to armor specifically. In real life you can add leather and have very little penalty or none at all. A few sheets of kevlar? No problem! Hell you can even make lamellar armor with titanium. It would be lighter than cotton and absorb both scratches and light bullets if mixed with kevlar/leather. Hell make it water proof with neoprene too!

PS- feel free to make this in ggame. You’d be my hero! :slight_smile:


I’d suggest nerfing mutant NPCs, there are ridiculously powerful hulking HUGE, xtra strong with talons, horns and hooves NPCs that mutilate anything in your path, and all they require to recruit is some social skills.


Which NPCs?

I only know of the one mutant in coregame (Itis) and the Mutant NPC Mod.

Myself, I would have to play with the mutants to see their potentials. The Mod is really as versatile as any item list ingame. In that any possible outcome will eventually happen.


Yeah, i could do the same effect of a heavy survivor suit with a light one, mbr vest (kevlar plates) and some random arm and leg protection. Otherwise there is no point in survival suits other than fancy racoon proof cleansuits.


Also i like the nerfs, i have a real grude for those acidic ants. The new power armor seems ok taking in mind that is more common than other PA suits.


I think you’re underestimating the importance of coverage on armor. Unless perhaps you play mainly as a ranged fighter?


I play taking killing half things from afar and half using hand to face combat thats why i dislike the current survivor suits. As for the coverage of the clothes it doesn’t matter unless you they are bellow 80% coverage, in the case you are fighting fungus or in a radioactive area its pretty meh.

I spoke about the mild op-ness of pk’s power armor cuz when you have that many armor with such medium encumbrance and ignoring the meager benefits of being powered with non-renewable rare plutonium cells it makes you a tank if you find/craft a decent helmet + Survivor mask, which isn’t hard to come by with enough looting/reading. I found all of this unbalanced compared to that “best endgame armor” mockery that is the survivor suit series.


Coverage makes a big difference to how many hits you actually take, since 80% coverage means you’re still going to get hit 20% of the time (assuming that’s your only piece on that body part). I really don’t understand how you can consider survivor armor inferior.

Vanilla power armor is about the same, it makes you practically invincible and you only need a UPS to power it, so I don’t think PK’s is any worse.


20% is something i can endure by having dodging 5 or greater and dex 9 or 10, not that you are wrong but it can be mitigated with skills.

Pk’s is not bad, just too costly to power, as you said that vanilla power armor uses UPS. But pk’s uses Plutonium power cells wich is hard to come by since the only way to obtain one is by salvaging power storages cbm’s and or searching in dangerous locations like labs, military bunkers, you name it. For me the ease of use and power renewability is one tier beyond protection and encumbrance.


Are albino penguins supposed to not have SUNDEATH? Either way I love those things, such bros helping to defend against zombies, and so slow even when angry and full of meat to boot.

I learned the hard way migos don’t care at all about them though.


They have it. idk if they were actually allergic to sunlight in lovecraft’s novels, but Id wager they would find it unpleasant at the least.