Shit man. I’m so focused on my two super characters, I never really have time for epic stories like this. Poor guy, dies of drug overdose, of all things.

He mentioned he had friends. Have you ever thought of adding mutant alcoves to the game?


I mean I’m all for more NPCs, quests, ect.

I’d love and appreciate a version of cataclysm ++ with all of the game-breaking unbalanced books and recipes ripped out and the NPCs and quests kept.


Several Things:

1: PK Lab Variants. They don’t have anything interesting in them (I mean, aside from some loot) The final room just seems to have a boss demon that does nothing special in them.
2: Shouldn’t the Cyberdemon drop…you know…cybernetics?
3: In factories, those Electronic Machines drop less electronics than say, a disassembled computer. That seemed a bit weird to me.


Dude, i don’t know what you did but mutagen doesn’t do nothing, not even tickles man but the only ones that work are the specialized ones (birb, raptor, beast, elf-a, etc).


Have you tried Serums?
For a while, Weak Mutagens haven’t worked at all, and for a while it’s been possible to imbibe normal mutagen and not have any effect.


Everything but mutagen and lesser mutagenic consumables work, the rest works as intended. I know mutagen doesn’t always work but come on man i just chugged down ONE FULL GALOON of the damn thing and its like im drinking air.


Also i started a new world with only pk’s rebalancing mod and debugged another galloon of mutagen and still nothing happened, vanilla plus other mods behaves as intended but when i add this mod it just doesn’t work properly.


Yes, Ill look it over. For tomorrow afternoon.


Also, the powered marine armor can be “upgraded” to use ups charges instead of plutonium or is it unchangeable?


give it a shot now.

Ive also reduced to spawn rates of worms, grabboids, and digger bots.

Any thoughts on the proposed ‘flamethrower zombie’ proposed in the git?


I recently ran into a zombie incus for the first time. It hit my character one time and started a fire on him that killed him in 5 turns, faster than I could put it out.

Fire is an absolute nightmare to manage, so if you decide to implement a zombie that can throw it at you from afar please limit it to a 3x3 square of small fire.

On another note, is it possible to activate a fire extinguisher and press 5 to put yourself out? Or is there another way to deal with being on fire aside from waiting in place where the incus can keep hitting you, or wasting one of the five turns you have to live getting away from it?

I haven’t run into enough of the PRM Gear to judge how much warmth it provides but I think walking around in full firefighter gear for fear that fiery death will come from nowhere all of a sudden sounds very inconvenient, especially in Summer.


I haven’t even seen it but I can already say “EVIL! PURE EVIL!”.
We need nomex Survivor Rucksacks.


Hooh, Its not my proposition. I agree we need to nerf the fires.

I hope the incubus is rare enough for you.

P: I moved the heat damage to a special attack . . .


Mutagen doesn’t work yet, the only thing that changed now is that it makes my character dizzy and fall.


that is working. I’d try it on a new character, or try a new batch?

Mutagen should be weak and ineffective on a moderately mutated character. I actually removed my code; if there is a bug report that to the coregame.


Yeah you are right i tried it in a brand new char and it worked, thanks man!

Also about the power armor, i find it op af, i mean since i found it i haven’t taken it off even that im not powering the suit, it just offers so much armor to all body parts exept the head for a mild encumbering value of 28 AND protects against any kind of lightning damage. that is kind of op because armor nowadays is shit since the great nerf that rendered survivor armor useless.


I mean i will never take it out.


Its [the prm power armor exo] good. I could nerf it, but honestly I havent played lately. If I were to use it I might even let it stay since it should be rare and unrepairable.

I could nerf its protections, since it is supposed to be about the level of rivet’s suit.


presumably it relies on lots of small parts for mobility, I’d make it more susceptible to the suit itself being damaged.


I imagine that you can put it like 40 encumbrance, same protection but when powered 20 encumbrance.