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Maybe it’s just me, but the PRM marine armor set seems to be a bit weak. It seems to fall somewhere between heavy and medium survivor gear in terms of protection, but usually has more encumbrance than the heavy set, and not nearly as much bash/cut protection, though it does pretty well in environmental/acid protection. Personally, I think the protection should be raised in all fields and the encumbrance lowered, considering that it’s high end, pre-cataclysm military gear that’s fairly difficult to refit/repair. Possibly also add electrical protection.


Unless I’m misremembering, the marine armor is an outer-layer item, which means you should be comparing it to the survivor trenchcoat or similar, not the survivor gear. That said, I do find that polyplastic equipment is a bit encumbering for what it is - increasing it’s protective qualities[1], either with or without a reduction in material thickness to keep protection the same while reducing encumbrance, might be in order.

[1] As it stands, it’s only slightly more protective than regular plastic


You guys may not want my opinion of survivor armor …

I can look to reduce the encumbrance, but I purposely designed it to not be as protective as heavy magicite armor.
The layered plastic is not kevlar, though, and is designed with enviornmental protections in mind, since the idea is that they were designed to combat hellfires. Who, btw, do not do a lot of raw ranged damage. The danger of their ranged attacks are the special effects associated with their chosen elements and the pain/slowing caused allowing them to close to melee.


Yeah, that makes sense, and I understand why you don’t like survivor armor. My only issue is that I simply can’t justify wearing it considering that it’s so heavily encumbering and doesn’t have that much protection. Looking at some of the base game items; a hazmat suit has 20 Env, rubber boots have 12 Env, and most other reasonably protective items have somewhere between 2 and 4. I’d expect around 10ish Environmental for most of the PRM gear, if you’re going for an environmental protection emphasis.

It’s also quite strange how the set is layered, seems like some parts are missing or redundant.


there is:

  • jumpsuit

  • torso

  • head

  • arms, weak point

  • legs

  • boots

  • pseudo PA suit


[quote=“pisskop, post:1025, topic:11323”]there is:

  • jumpsuit

  • torso

  • head

  • arms, weak point

  • legs

  • boots

  • pseudo PA suit[/quote]
    Yes, however the jumpsuit and sleeves are both in the skintight layer, which is redundant, while the torso armor and boots are both outer, which means you need to find a normal layer item for the hands, torso, arms and feet. I’m just being pedantic really, but it seems like there should be a ‘shirt’ and some sort of gauntlets. Maybe even socks.
    You could just add a PRM Marine fatigue shirt. No real protection, but matches the rest of the set. You could even give it the fancy tag.


New version.

Updated for steel spear and pipe spear. You need the new version to use it without it popping errors.


Hey so, I made a mod to remove the spiders from the basegame (The spider pit included). I’m wondering, is it possible for me to edit my mod and blacklists the spiders this mod adds? Sorry, arachnophobia is a vicious jerk and I like the mod but good god does this mod make them seem scarier from what i’ve read of the json file.


Just add said spiders to the monster blacklist in the modinfo.json of the mod.


Been a while since Ive played.

Nerfed down the health loss for being too cold and reduced the paralyzing poison’s effects.


Anybody got comments about the loot spawns for my own buildings since the change to item spawn chance?

Too much? Little?
Lets iron those out.


I’ve only been in your doom tower and castle, haven’t hit a lab yet. I think they’re ok as it is.

Anybody got comments about the loot spawns for my own buildings since the change to item spawn chance?

Not sure I can help with that. I’ve found loot spawns overall to be frustratingly scarce since they “bugfixed” the spawn chance to WAD, so especially with the higher difficulty of these mods, I’ve upped my loot spawn to 1.5x. I’m also playing with Cata++ and the associated patch so I can’t be sure which buildings are yours and which belong to the other mod… All I can say is that I’ve been fairly happy with my loot spawns at 1.5x; I’m a greedy SOB.

Also, it occurs to me that in the latest version I haven’t seen a single spitter zombie. I’ve seen acidic and maybe corrosive. Is this an intended change or have the spitters somehow been accidentally purged from the spawn list?


My thoughts are:

  1. Make the fact that everything has radiation a bit more obvious. I was really surprised when my healthy woodland guy began to mutate.

  2. Boiled clay should also have a note that it reduces radiation in the description.

    “A portion of clay that has been boiled in salt to remove hard minerals and parasites. Will cleanse the body of some radiation, but can no longer be used for sculpting.”

  3. Repose is very unclear on what it does, I had to look into the code. I edited it to this, which is a bit clearer and I suggest it:

    “id”: “repose”,
    “type”: “technique”,
    “name”: “Reposition”,
    “min_melee”: 0,
    “weighting”: -3,
    “crit_tec”: true,
    “unarmed_allowed”: true,
    “melee_allowed”: true,
    “grab_break”: true,
    “stun_dur”: 1,
    “messages”: [
    “You reposition yourself defensively as you attack”,
    "%s defensively reposes itself."
    “mult_bonuses”: [
    [ “movecost”, 1.1 ],
    [ “damage”, “bash”, 0.9 ],
    [ “damage”, “cut”, 0.9 ],
    [ “damage”, “stab”, 0.9 ]

    Ideally, it should announce that the technique breaks you free from zombie grabs and only if grabbed, but I’m not sure if that’s easily codeable. I also capitalized the the name, bringing it in line with other techniques in the game.


The reason I dont capitalize things like this are so that people can tell they are modded-in.

The convention for json-added techs, attacks, and special moves is to keep them lowercase.


Ah, okay, my apologies.



Youve done nothing wrong … :confused:

But the suggestions are good. i like them.


added apis to the beehive center
fixed the cdda launcher now properly recognizing my version number
tweaked numbers in general, including some from the above posts.


Holy crap, giant cellar spiders.

I had found a katana early and was feeling pretty confident.

First attempt: I brought my katana. I thought I had decent armor, but even one bite from the spiders that got into my bloodstream put my character down to 2 strength. Somehow he struggled and managed get out alive. It was a chancy thing.

Second attempt: I brought my katana, and a shotgun for backup. I chugged methacola. I had armor on everything, I thought I should be fine, right? Hell, no.

I’ve heard that shotguns make easy work of spiders. Well, they did, in a way. But not if the spiders move at very high speeds, skittering in to rip me away. Desperately as I retreated out of the cellar, abandoning my cart with my modded guns and everything, I drew the katana and managed to barely get out, somehow killing two spiders while they were pulling off like 4-5 attacks each on me per my attack. I was dying of poison, with torso HP at the final bar, but just managed to reach my base in time. I figured, why not give royal jelly a try?

It worked. I lived.

Third attempt: Fuck fighting them. I went in with gas canisters and fumigated the entire place with toxic gas. The few who annoyed me got 00 shot, as I had now ripped off the attachments from my modded guns and put it all on the Mossberg. Die of poison, the way that God intended spiders to die. DIE. JUST DIE.

Pretty memorable, all around. Didn’t get any super special loot, but the dead spiders and eggs should be worth something. Its oddly satisfying standing amid the wreck of dozens of bug guts, shotgun hulls, and the remains of toxic gas. Damn spiders.

PS: No chitin. They spite me to the last. I’ll remember them when I make smoothies out of their babies.


gcs are Dodgey.

ill nerf back their damage, but they can pierce layered cotton.

they have more issues with leather