PK's Rebalancing Mod



should be. the overmap limit error is a warning, not an actual bug in the way most errors are.

The issue is that we both add structures to the game, though I dont know how mandatory C++ makes its buildings.

But again, I dont know if the error still pops up with both mods enabled. it can be skipped and still produce a playable map however.

in either case, I do supply a mod that blends the two spawnlists together. its in the pks_rebalance/mod folder.


I still get the mandatory overmap special message with both PK’s and Cata++. I also use Arcana mod, More Locations, and Z-level Buildings.


Def why. Each one has their own mandatory special buildings.

I reduce the coregames requirement, but its not enough. Youll either have to choose what one(s) to use or accept that not all these mandatory buildings can be placed. The issue isnt on the json side - there is a hard cap on the reservation of mandatory special sites. But, that said I would be remiss if I did not point out that you dont need some of the mandatories offered by the mods.


Are the prison computers still supposed to be broken and giving errors upon using them with this mod enabled? How come Jabberwocks get paralyze attacks too, also? I thought only the “secret” Jabberwocks with “It’s coming for you” in the description get them?


Yes. coolthulu had a pr to let json defined computers happen, ill go check on it. dont expect miracles, but some nonerror dialogue should be possible

i can pull the fear effect if its bothering you, but the stronger one is an evo of the earlier one


1: I nerfed the fear effect of the basic jabberwock, from ‘20’ to ‘40’. The abhorrence of their appearance is why I even added it.
2: The computer jsonizing that should allow me to control the terminals and add some type of dialogue is here: And open still. Cant help those besides removing them, and the error is unfortunate but harmless.
3: Ive rekajiggered how the antibiotics work. They provide an initial health boost and immunity to various diseases, including minor infections, infections, and (notably) fungus. They also steadily drain your health over the next 2 days, so the net loss of health is expected.

This way, for number 3 at least, antibodies have some use and can justify their presence in the world. Antibodies also now come in a week’s supply instead of 15.

I will update the mod for this later today.


The antibodies have 2 ‘levels’ of protection. One for ‘simple’ or ‘conventional’ diseases and one for ‘neo-diseases’ or otherwise non mundane disease. The harsher diseases will lose their immunity first, and warn you via a text warning.

Ive also doubled the amount of survivor first aid you get per find and per-crafting. 2 cheapo first aids for you per crafting. They still suck compared to real aid though.


okay. Updated the game to include this above, plus small tweaks.

I finished laying out the new ‘cabin’, which is actually an abandoned hotel that will spawn, probs by or at the end of a road. Functioning hotels are eventually on my list of things to make not-boring.

I have to populate it, and finalize the terrain and furniture aspects as well, but the core should be there.


I noticed that the fast healer trait has a different description as the one in main, did you alter it in any way?


More likely it was altered after i got mine. ill check.


Are giant cockroaches and zombies supposed to be teaming up against me? Does this happen in vanilla, too?


they dont fight one another.

zeds dont fight insects in coregame


lol i see now.

yes it is altered.

however, mechanically the trait acts the same.
.002 awake
.005 sleeping


lol i see now.

yes it is altered.

however, mechanically the trait acts the same.
.002 awake
.005 sleeping[/quote]
Good to know, it was mostly the mechanics that concerned me.


New Version

Adds in the strange cabin redux on top of the other additions since a last ‘big’ update.


Fought a Jabberwock for a NPC, got maimed to near-death, but killed the Jabberwock. After fighting my way back to the NPC, I noticed that I had 419 radiation. Are Jabberwocks radioactive?


their attacks are, but i was under the assumption youd get faceclawed to death or kill it before you got that much radiation.

i can nerf that.


I survived getting faceclawed with only a silver of health left, and then I immediately got zapped to death by a shocker zombie right after. At least the radiation didn’t get me.


I don’t really know if it’s this mod or another, but I suspect this one since it’s the main one I’ve added since my last game. The issue is my health. No matter what I do it seems to continually drop like a rock. At one point it was at -300 and every night my health bars would drop to one / while I slept. I think that was caused by a rough summer where I had nothing to drink but soft drinks and wine, but once I got my water supply sorted it kept dropping despite a proper diet and daily multivitamins. Has anyone else had this issue?


healrh doesn’t cause degeneration. the lowest health you should be able to get is -100, which cauae zero regen not degen.

afa health: i need to know more about your habits ingame.

its not unusual for my characters to hit -70 hmod or health early game, due to alcoholism. wine is unhealthy, yes, but i dont tweak this.

degenerating health is more likely radiation …


Got a debug on entering a new world:
nonexistent vehicle type: “aapc_bfg”

I noticed the strange cabin is forced to spawn, the game has problems to do it, most of the time i have to retry a few times.
Doomlab doesnt spawn if it is NOT forced to spawn. Thats a real problem. By forcing it to spawn, it takes me some “retrys” until it generates a map with it.

I dont get how the overmap_special spawn work, was trying to get shipwreck to spawn. From what i see it should spawn without problems but it doesnt.
Forcing it to spawn will result in many retrys (i gave up after around 10 trys, that thing shouldnt be forced to spawn).
There are other locations that seem never to appear.
What do i miss?