PK's Rebalancing Mod



Try it out. Wearable lighter, diff 1 fab.

You can find it in OTHER/TOOLS


Added in ‘disease attacks’.

  • added in special disease attacks for the decomposing zeds.

  • add in generic ‘minor infection’ that causes pain over time. small amounts, low chance to transmit, and only done via a special attack that has a fair amount of cooldown. should add up and make the character feel more ‘wary’ of their life. cata really lacks that longterm worndown feel that would inevitably result from constant combat.

  • added in ‘armored arm guards’. A compromise between the light leather guards and the heavier metal ones, this will fill a niche that bone guards fill, while lacking the environmental protection of bone guards.

  • changed the nature of how heartburn meds work. they no longer work by reducing the per-tick chance of vomiting, they now add more ticks in between a roll-for-vomitus.

  • dropped the minimal mandatory time to be on fire from 5 to 2. I assume this is ticks. Fire is still just as deadly however.

Im happy enough with these changes. what think you?


today is a good day for mutation tweaks, fixing the supposedly fixed chickenbot, and more tweaking of the infection attacks


ideas for ‘on-demand’ smoke for the purposes of obscuring scent.

h2o2, 30%
sulferic acid ->> electricity
scrap metal
plasic chunk
–> moderate burst of smoke, quick burning

“smoke candles”
-small smoke stream, long burning, noncraftable

‘smoke machine’

3 candles
100 batteries, 1 hotplate

100 aluminum
1 tin plate

1 gallon jug
(15) clean water
(25) sugar

– > Long lasting, deconstructs into base components, requires ‘smoke juice’ item.


implemented both uncraftable, uncommon smoke candles, and the craftable smoke machine.

-Smoke machine will reduce scent by a large extent, so long as its by a window/door or your person.
-Smoke candles are less effective but work as well. They are just like candles, and found rarely outside of churches and with moderation in churches.

^^ basic recipes.


Ohs, download too


Buffed the bandages, 1st aid, and improved frist aid. And medical gauze.

these items will resist the new minor diseases and lessen their effects.


This are some great changes, thank you for the effort pisskop.


Hello Pisskop, how will this affect your mod?

will this give you more freedom ?


shouldnt this make cataclysm++ and your mod more compatible friendly?


I know I’ve posted here with many, if not most, of these tips, but they get lost, and the wiki is sometimes obscure.

^^ added some help threads, and tried to mark them out as such.

So far, there are 3.

  • radiation
  • health
  • demon faction

They aim to educate players on the general functioning of these within the mod, so as to make it less intimidating, frustrating, or offputting. Education helps with that stuff, so I believe. Do you think it helps ease new players into the game or reduce the anxiety some people would feel about these effects/topics?


New version

  • added missing mi-go evo speech text
  • added new cave variant
  • added new cult enemies and fleshed up the cult a bit more
    • All cult enemies, almost, have some tweaked statlines and some abilities
    • cult enemies are centered upon the strange cabin and the Stonehenge
    • boss monsters for cult
    • Nerfed darkman but made him a rare enemy instead of uniquely spawning in 2 locations
    • added 2 ‘more human’ cult faction members


started work on properly setting up the strange cabin. felt I should do it right or not at all …

new one is gonna be 2x2, 2pos3 floors. basements, of course.

no ‘boss room’, but since nobody told me what the quest to go to the cabin is im preserving both the darkman spawn and the 2 building ids.

and i loaded up the desktop recorder today, in hopes of starting anew survivor to showcase the mod with. gotta make a post audio file for it probably tomorrow. surprised to see my first attempt was successful. a few shadies, and a npc tried to rob me while i had a shotgun nearby


Better known as: How I learned you can sew a fully-functioning coat in 40 minutes.




Next video title: Jackass: Wasteland Edition.


Is there a way to clean a place from radioactivity? or will it remove itself after some time?

This can get a problem for players that live in a house and it gets attacked by radioaktive zombies.


Not currently. Ant solution would need new hard coding, and new code to support that hard code.

What I can do is add more rad-resistant clothing options, but they need to be weighed carefully. For now, clay is infinite, gummies are common, and prussians spawn occassionally.

Royal jelly significantly reduces rads, and ambient rad producing zeds are rare. The huge boomer is the most common zed to release rads ambiently, and thats infrequent.


New version, changes specials spawn radii, makes bears placated by sound instead of afraid of it, and adds a technique to break grabs


Is it safe to play with both PK’s and Cata++ now without going way past the mandatory overmap special limit or something?