PK's Rebalancing Mod

I noticed a few things you might want to update (as in, I’m not sure if you kept them the way they are intentionally). So far, I’ve seen:

Battery Chargers are called "UPS Recharging Stations"
Spitter Zombies are called Acidic Zombies
Fast Metabolism, Very Fast Metabolism and presumably Extreme Metabolism don’t have their current descriptions (they were updated, and now make it so your stamina goes down slower).

Also, I had my first Acid Rain. Scared as shit that it destroyed my solar panels. Luckily, it just made the sprites vanish.

I tested the android patch it worked it didnt show errors about groundcover but there is an error about invalid terrain id and could’nt generate overmap specials

I’m also getting invalid color errors, albeit for the PC version. Perhaps something to do with a new update? I just got these today, so it probably has something to do with one of the very recent updates.

PLS FOR GODS SAKE fix it I can’t play without your mod…

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Getting the same error for android patch johnsmith is having with the overmap specials.

On a side note I hate the new forum.

Just follow the instructions and it will work until pisskop makes the changes himself :
Mods and new versions
Error with some Mods

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Im online and updating my own version. hang up and on.


Hi all.

Well I just signed up here I thought I could use my account from the old forum but appears not?.

Any way.
Could I ask if its possible to lower the wildlife amount.

Zed horse,boar,zombie dog etc etc.

I have the normal monster spawn rate low as thats how I like to play but there is so much wild still :frowning:


I don’t think these can be adjusted these in game, but if you open up (the pk rebalance mod folder)/Spawns/pk_spawnlist_forest-river.json in, you can set their rates yourself.

Thanks for replying.

Is there a global way to lower all that I can place at the top of said spawnlist.json instead of going through EVERY single “monster” list.

this is what I am looking at right now (use mon_horse as example

{ “monster”: “mon_horse_zombie”, “freq”: 1, “cost_multiplier”: 13, “starts”: 25, “conditions”: [“SPRING”, “SUMMER”, “AUTUMN”] },
{ “monster”: “mon_horse_zombie”, “freq”: 1, “cost_multiplier”: 13, “starts”: 350, “ends”: 2000, “conditions”: [“SPRING”, “SUMMER”, “AUTUMN”] },
{ “monster”: “mon_horse_zombie”, “freq”: 1, “cost_multiplier”: 13, “starts”: 650, “ends”: 2400, “conditions”: [“SPRING”, “SUMMER”, “AUTUMN”] },
{ “monster”: “mon_horse_zombie”, “freq”: 1, “cost_multiplier”: 13, “starts”: 900, “ends”: 2700, “conditions”: [“SPRING”, “SUMMER”, “AUTUMN”] },
{ “monster”: “mon_horse_zombie”, “freq”: 1, “cost_multiplier”: 13, “starts”: 1200, “ends”: 3500, “conditions”: [“SPRING”, “SUMMER”, “AUTUMN”] },
{ “monster”: “mon_horse_zombie”, “freq”: 1, “cost_multiplier”: 25, “starts”: 100, “ends”: 2100, “pack_size”: [1,3] },

So to lower the spawn of said monster would I decrease

“freq” ?

if so its al ready at 1 :(.

I am lost LOL.

hmmm this just dont make sense

Even with spawn rate set to 0.01 im getting a ton of festering boars,zombears and so much other stuff that kills ya instantly at start.

I am trying the start in middle of no where and tbh even looking at mini map trying to avoid monsters or should I say hostile wildlife ya cant go or do any thing.

We need an optoin in the main meny for wild life spawn rate as well.

zombears shouldn’t be appearing off rip

boars sure. ill look

its freq 1, but several cocurrent instances of it.

the game also seems to try to place as many mons as possible.

go to the mod folder. in overmap_terrain, or some derivation thereof there should be a list of locations, such as ‘field’, ‘sewer’, or ‘forest’. there should be a listing for spawns. lower the chance there

Ah I think I get it now so looking in

pk_overmap_terrain.json example I see

“spawns” : { “group”: “GROUP_FIELD”, “population”: [0, 1], “chance”: 30 },

which now if I look in spawn folder in one of the files I see it will call and spawn animals etc which fall into the category of


is this correct if so that makes it a lot easyer to lower spawns as I wont have to do it for ALLLLLLL animals in a category lol :slight_smile:

aye. good luck. if you find a balance you loke you can post it up. if others have this issue then it may help them


Changes include the rebalancing of city location spawns. Things like gas stations, dispensaries, and liquor stores.

Yay updates. Can’t wait to get home and try them.

Suggestion: Update 5.5.6 should totally involve bullets.
Because it’d be punny.

A lot of the mod needs to be reviewed and updated to reflect the new coding thats come in the last 6 months.