Mods and new versions

I update(from 6952 to 6981) my game and now mods don’t work, i try to restore my prev version of game, but in launcher i have 6971 minimal. Where i can find older verisons for download(no backup)? Or how to fix Pr rebalance?

Is this the problem you are having?: Error with some Mods

You’ll have to manually go through an change all the color names to something the game recognizes. If you have Notepad++, it’s pretty easy. I managed to do it today, actually.

Yeah, i try to change grey, gray and WHITE, but now ired showing and i don’t know hot to repair that

Can you share mod or say how to fix all?

With “ired” and all its variations, I type type the color with the quotations into the replace bar, and then put something like “red” (again, quotations included) into the Replace With bar. Best have all of the monster jsons open in Notepad when you do this and use Notepad++ to replace all of the instances in every document at once.

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Oh, maybe then i can download version of game before this changes? Or only 10 latest version can be used?
UPD: nwm, i fix all, thanks Psyxypher for tips