Error with some Mods

It’s been a while since I updated the game and when I did some mods I like to play with gave errors when trying to start a new game with said mods

The Merchants and Settlement Mod gave this error

and a different version of Vehicle Additions Pack (Updated December 8) (the version in question can be found going a few replies back, but it seems it’s no longer available)

the modified the version made many changes like making the vortex engine and generator usable and changes to the blob parts and diamond parts (I kept the original version of the blob parts though)

So what is the problem?, how do I fix it?, can I fix it?

In the changelog, there was a change in what colors were deemed “acceptable” by the game. This problem is with Cataclysm: DDA (or at least that’s how I understand it). Broke a ton of mods, including PK’s Rebalance (which is how I figured out about it).

Either all the mod authors need to fix their stuff, or the developers need to revert that change that caused all the mods to break in the first place (and maybe give PSAs when they make potentially major changes in the code). I suspect that people will just have to do the former, honestly.

Quite a few mods have this problem, I’ve seen. The best thing to do would be manually replacing the colors until a fix happens. I think the Merchant mod only has a few errors which are easy to find with CTRL+F, but others like PK’s are completely filled with them due to the number of changes.

Some colors that seem to work: grey-gray ltgray-light_gray dkgray-dark_gray WHITE-white white_pink-white_magenta

Those seem to be the most I’ve had trouble with so far, besides a few in PK, but that would take a while of fixing. The new Map Keys mod also suffers this problem, meaning you will have to update it every new version unless something fixes.

This is the fixes for the mods in the repository.

Yep this. The development model is that mods live in the repository and get updated when we make changes. If you live outside the repository you get broken sometimes.

Wow, thanks. It might be 1:30 on the eastern seaboard but I am still awake enough to thank you dearly for this.

thanks for all the info, already did the changes and all seems to work!

In order to fix the mods you need to make following changes:

  • dark_grey should be changed to dark_gray;
  • lt_gray should be changed to light_gray.
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Can you upload normalized color file ?

Build - 6984

Its not 1 file, its 15 files…

I’m getting broken new games using mods in the DDA repo.