PK's mod and blobs

Playing with latest experimental and Ascension mod. There are a significant amount of blobs in the city I am in. A slime pit was in my reality bubble when I entered the city, although now I’m out of it. I assume PK’s mod is involved, as its made the game significantly harder. What’s the most likely cause of the blobs, and are they reproducing?

I remember, even in the base game, that there was a chance that some cities could have slime pits underneath them.

minor update:killed two necromancers, and blobs came out of them. Also, when I first entered the city, there were blob packs in 2-5, consisting of small blobs. As I enter the heart of the city, the blob packs number in 5-10, and consist of big blobs or regular ones.

Zombie necromancers and masters both spawn blobs and also do it on death in the mod

Blobs will transform zombies into a new blob, which will be different in sizes. And they do not reproduce (no internal organs)

I may reduce the frequency if I feel it gets annoying in my playthroughs, but it’s as intended right now as far as I’m aware and blobs largely aren’t very aggressive if you don’t get close.