Help! Can't find brain blob in slime pit

I went down a downward slope, and burn every slime. But I see no brain blob, even before I burn anything. Where is the brain blob???

The blobs are just very annoying. They are not dangerous.

I have look all around the rock cave. There is no downstair. Could the brain blob get locked up behind those rock walls?

Is this wiki page still correct?

am i supposed to not kill them and just wait for them to all merge into the “brain blob” thingy? What if I have already killed everything in the underground cave…

Can it just stop spawning blobs after I kill X blobs with a bow and pick up all the arrows?

I hate blobs.

The worst thing is that the blobs can engulf other creatures to turn them into blobs.

I have been killing blobs for several game days…
Hell is a state of mind.

Finally the rain stops. I burn every slime on the ground. The blobs seems to disappear, for now…

The brain blob has been missing for a while, they don’t seem to spawn anymore.
Good to know fire will solve the problem, though.