Research facilities, shimmering portals and blobs

Recently started raiding a research facility, looking for bionics. While I’ve cleared out most of the bottom level, it seems that a ton of blobs keep appearing near the enterance. Now, there’s a shimering portal nearby, and debris that makes me think there might be another hanging around, but I thought those only spawned various nether monsters, like mi-go, flaming eye, amoebic molds etc. And I have been seeing those, but it seems to be mostly blobs now, to the point that I’m wondering if a spawn mechanic is broken.

further, the portal I do know about doesn’t sem to create anything near it, while the enterance one seems to generate very frequently, for no readily apparent reason. Any idea why that might be?

Amoebic molds spawn blobs because they are cute and floofy as a defence mechanism.

That, and blobs can eat other creatures and turn them into more blobs.

Ah, that would explain it. There were like 6 of them around. Usually ignore them because they don’t attack me, but will make sure to take them out in the future.

Preferably before there’s enough of them that I have to debug console kill them due to game lag. :frowning_face: Disappointing that I had to resort to that, but it was getting unbearable.

As long as we’re still talking about a portal being in the epicentre you shouldn’t need to perform any manual mold culling as nether bastards will happily do that of their own volition.
One minor inconvenience I did run into once was way too many corpses. You know those large lab rooms with lots of centrifuges? One of those was directly below or above several portals and, for whatever reason, the spawning mechanics favoured it. Heavily. If the game’s engine was a 3D one, with proper physics, I would not have been able to close a door to that room after opening it.