A Question on Blobs

ok so mild context i was clearing out a Apartment block and had killed most of if not all the zombies but never really bunred all the butchery refuese since i had no fire at the time and it was spring. i just dumped it off a leadge. so a few days in. the entir place is filled with blobs. know i have leather armor and a strong sword (mod sword so no names its just a strong sword). could blobs spawn from rotten zombie matter?

Blobs are not vermin, so they do not spawn on rotten substances. Clarify if the place resides near a slime pit.

there is no slime pits Anywhere near me. and i had around three Big Blobs attack. they didn’t last long. but even the revial map debug says no close slime pit

Zombie Hollow turns into blobs on death

Small and medium blobs split into small or medium blobs on death

Medium blobs self-replicate, and can do so through walls

So all it takes is a single zombie hollow anywhere in your reality bubble and you have a potential blob infestation at hand.

Eg. I had to kill around 150 blobs (at least according to blob glob remains) from a single hollow.

You can’t leave a single large/medium blob alive or they’ll self-replicate, and small blobs can still turn into medium blobs on death.

ahhh. i think i saw some blobs back when i first went to the block back when the zombie where around so that must have been what happened

if you’re using PK rebalance, zombie masters and necromancers spawn blobs every so often, considering increasing the delay for that by a bunch so areas are less flooded with blobs

i Do but none where in the area.

I just released an update that significantly lowers blob spawns for every zombie that does it (crawlers do it and are fairly common so I think they’re the culprit) except the lord, so that should ease the problem in future

Oh it was not a problem. actually super useful since i got tons og goo for superglue. I have the arcane mod so I had a Incorruptible sword and thus just owned them all. this was just a simple wondering where they came from.

yeah, but it did create unnecessary tedium in their numbers and make the blob globs a little too common :stuck_out_tongue:
It’ll still happen now, just slower, it got pretty insane sometimes in my playthroughs with hundreds, if not thousands.

ok cool. yeah its a little much at places like slime pits

oh it’s supposed to be blob-hell at slime pits, explosives fix that though

fair point. but you know one thing i wish would exist. a makeshift wrench i find it a little weird that cart wheels need bolts when they use nails. (and bolt items would be nice)