Do blobs spawn from pulped zombie corpses?

I’m literally trapped in a corner fighting blob because there are hundreds of them. I’m not dying anytime soon, but I’m stuck. I know I’ve pulped lots of corpses. Do they spawn from those?

Also are blob globs poisonous? If not, they would be a great food source because they are hundreds of them on the floor.

I don’t think you can eat them, but you’re set for duct tape for the foreseeable future

Check if you’re nearby a slime pit. If you are, your best bet is to try and fight a way out, those blobs are not dying off anytime soon.

There wasn’t a slime pit in sight, but wander spawn was on as well as lots of pulped corpses. I also got out after some time

I haven’t checked in a while, but yes, blob used to be edible… poisonous, of course, and terrible for morale. Tainted flesh is also edible, with the same caveats, and might be less bad (don’t recall).

No, blob doesn’t spawn from zombie corpses, pulped or not. It will be spawned INSTEAD of corpse for a very specific type of zombie.

If you’ll playing 0.C (stable version of the game), IIRC, blobs will continue to spawn infinitely in the area of a slime pit, so if you’re near one of those, you’re going to have to fight your way out - clearing the area immediately around you of blob and setting the rest on fire could do it, if you’ve been fighting there a long time and there’s lots of blob on the ground everywhere.

If you’re playing experiemental, blobs no longer spawn infinitely, but there’s the amoebic blob, which turns other monsters into blob. Combine that with, say, fungaloids, and yes, you can still get infinite blob in just the right circumstances.



I’m not certain on this, but i suspect normal blobs are able to split aswell.
and the amoebic just does it allot faster.
stats of mobs:

the code behind it: