Pixel's Various Fuckery



Hey there!
My Name is Eirenex and i gladly would like to reveal the mod that me and Pixel have worked on

Pixels various fuckery! (Awesome name, am i right? haha)

What This mod offers:

the biggest feature:
-Unique Past Threshold mutation for Cattle, Lizard, Fish, Avian and Spider.
this will give these mutation something unique and should give them more love over other popular mutations

-Recipes for Weapons
Now you can wrap Chain around your Aluminium Bat just aswell! familiar crafting recipe that are familiar to the wooden bat versions.

-Weapon mods, a special XL ANBC suit
Interesting Weapon mods that let you customize some weapons more to your liking. a Pistol grip or a smaller barrel to adjust your survivor for the perfect situation!

-a overpowered version of a vibrator (on which i work to make it use charges)

If you have any suggestions or found any problems,or just want to tell us how you think of the mod, please tell us here! you can also message me or pixel on discord!

Most credit goes to pixel aswell, my focus was more on the threshold mutation.

Download the Mod here!
Installation Guide: Put the Folder in Dark Days Ahead\cdda\data\mods

21.11.2018 - Updated Mutations to work properly. now you can get Milkable and Oviparous properly!

a small warning: the mod can be seen as weird, so i suggest this mod not for people that are mature enough for rough words and situations.

A wandering updater appears! Works with B8166 (lazy b8212 update in comments)

Can you use this thing to make some omelet?


Not that overpowered. it just doesnt uses any battery or other charges, but i will be changing it in the future.


What do you mean it won’t crack my holes through mini-earthquakes


No idea what you are talking about.


Private matters i think… :rofl:


It is a joke item, but yeah.


Nobody told me that the new mutation addition would have required me to update the mutations , but i updated it all quickly so it should work as usual. for everyone that uses it, just overwrite the modfolder and you should be good to go without loosing anything.


I like the mutation changes you’ve implemented, I think added love for the less popular mutations is a really good thing in the current bionics/mutation discussion. Only question/suggestion I would pose is that the bovine threshold mutation only gives a single bit of milk, which for the energy and hunger cost is rather wasteful. I would think maybe giving the player a bit more bang for their buck on the nutrition/foodstuff conversion would be a good way to make cattle threshold feel a bit more worthwhile even if only going for the constant access to milk and therefore dairy products for farming/morale bonuses via food.


Thanks for the Suggestion there! i felt to prevent a abuse of the milk system, that it will have this set hunger/thirst cost for making the milk. i like to consider it as a way to convert excessive food you have to much of to turn into milk, and its something that can help since Milk gives Calcium when needs are activated. i do was considering to have the activating of the mutation to give a little bit of joy in return as some sort of pressure relief or so perhaps. not just for Cattle but for the egglaying mutations aswell.
i do would like to hear what you think about it, since i am gladly open to ideas and suggestions!


Hey Eirenex, I definitely agree with the set hunger/thirst cost being as high as it is, I was more thinking to add maybe one extra piece of milk or two to the recipe as most uses of milk (outside of tea and other drinks) are around the 6/7 portions requirement. The current unpasteurized milk recipe only nets users one single portion of milk per action. I do think it shouldn’t be an equal loss of hunger/thirst to resource however so I don’t think giving more than 3/4 portions of milk would be helpful.
I’d say that joy is a nice bonus if you did add it as an effect, though I’m not sure how much morale you intend to give with each action. I wouldn’t recommend letting it stack, but maybe make it long lasting (e.g. several days slowly decaying).
As far as being concerned about balance, this is a post threshold mutation, so there should be significant benefits to these mutations considering the player has stuck it out with this branch (fish/spider/bird/cattle/anything else). For example looking at alpha or medical post thresh mutations they gain perfect 15s in all stats and heavy regeneration respectively. In comparison I feel that these mutations are more utility based, but still quite good.


I do get some of your words here, however, i do want to prevent that people can just keep on looping this up and basically abuse the system. right now its 20 Hunger and 20 Thirst to activate. once cooked, Milk gives 61Cal (i think 6 hunger?) and 25 thirst back (even more when processed with coffee or tea), which lets you already quench yourself and leaves you to just eat grass or vegetables. do keep in mind since cattle cant eat meat anymore, Milk gives the nutrients that are also in meat,but only better.(Milk having 62%calcium,4%Iron and 20%Vitamin B12, Cooked meat with 4%,83% and 41%) i dont aim it to be a supermutation that can challenge perfect 15 stats but more for the variety and a way to even hold on as cattle longer without vitamin pills ect. though its good that you note that to me, i will keep it in mind if i plan to add any changes to it or to other systems,since i do think a small adjustment might be just what this mod needs!


Thats fair, I didn’t really take into account the mineral/nutrient makeup of the milk since its been ages since the nutrients part of Cata hasn’t been borked IMO. I always play with simplified nutrition turned on. As far as not wanting it to be a supermutation thats understandable, since cattle also gets ruminant/grazer to help with sustenance.