Pebble-type ammo and air-type rifle - question

Does the principle of the pneumarifle charged at her other non-circular shells?
I guess that the pebbles which we obtained from the rocks - far from a circular shape.
may be permitted to make pebbles and fragments of ceramic?

We can make glass and metal ones. Ceramic I’m not sure…

hmm - why?
in recept we need minor change - rock OR ceramic shard

If your thinking of grinding down ceramic shards. Ceramic shatters. because it’s fire hardened. It’s not really going to ‘grind’ all that well into a round shape as most of the things made from ceramic/clay are going to be less than an inch maybe 1/2 inch. It also has a glaze on the top of it.

Think of ‘clay pigeon’ used for skeet shooting. That’s ceramic when it’s hit. It shatters.

Which is why it’s used for arrow heads, because it will be a bunch of shape small pieces.

If you wanted them round. You would need to make them from clay, you would need to kiln fire them, and molds in which to make them round.

The clay would have to dry round first. Or you would have a flat side. If you attempted to ‘air’ dry them. Odds are it would shatter in the air chamber 1/2 the time.

The rock/metal ones I’m assuming are being ground into a round circular shape.

So while it’s possible, it’s also way more work, as to get clay you need to find a swamp, make a clay mound, dig it up. Fine a kiln that runs on charcoal, as there isn’t enough power to run an electric since it would require 220.

I don’t see how they would be any more effective, may even shatter into dust more on impact of any type of armor.

well. reasonable answer.