Alternative ammo loads (Bearings, Rifled Slugs, Sabots, Rockets)

Especially when you can hand load a ball bearing…Kevin. Let us hand load ball bearings…(homer simpson drool) lol

The point of using ball bearings in reload is only valid in shotguns tho. Bullets have to be made to a very very accurate size or you’re gonna blow your gun (and perhaps yourself) up.
However, in shotguns, they’re used often because even rusty/fucked up bearings can be shot anyway.

Thus the point of standarizing bearings at 9.01mm. Which if you knew, is the precise diameter of a 9mm bullet.

Also bearings when made and manufacture are made accurately to .00001 of an inch, which is a tighter tolerence than ordnance manufactures use.

There are other problems that come up from that anyway.
First, bearing are, majorily, round. In order to load a bullet into a metallic cartridge, you need it to fit snuggly within the casing, which is not all that possible with a sphere.
Second, you’d have searling problems. Modern bullets have good sealing because of their shape which gives them a lot of surface pressed against the inside of the barrel and rifling.
Third, you would fuck up your rifling insanely hard. Ball bearings are insanely hardened whereas bullets are made or have soft metal jackets that let the rifling dig in. With bearings, your rifling would be pushed by the hardened projectile, especially since it applies on a very small surface, unlike with a proper bullet.
Fourth, it would have absolute shit ballistics. Bullets are made a certain way that makes them aerodynamic and that also makes them have good effects one they pen something (hence why they’re usually made out of soft metal, again).
Plus, 9mm balls mean you have huge fucking huge goddamn bearings that you’d find nowhere but in very heavy applications.

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Bicycles use 9mm ball bearings.

Edit: Part of the handle assembly I think. I know Fastenal sells a box of 20 for $2

To be fair, you can put almost anything in a shotgun shell and it will fire. Whether or not it will be effective, on the other hand…

Steel shot is less dense than lead, so you get more pellets per weight of the cartridge. Steel shot also has a lower cross sectional density than lead, so the shot slows down quicker and has a shorter maximum range.

A lot of modern birdshot uses steel, because you can’t use lead shot when hunting waterfowl. It doesn’t look like buckshot is made with steel but there’s no reason why you could do it.

Mechanically, steel buckshot is going to have more pellets that hit a little harder at close range and lose energy a little faster.

What about steel slugs?

Aren’t those actually jacketed in something and then loaded into the shell casing?

If it’s a steel shotgun slug, yea it’s loaded in a sabot, if it’s being fired from something rifled it can either have a jacket or maaaybe just be a mild enough steel? This seems unlikely though.

Actually why don’t we have any rifled slug shots?

Because we don’t have rifled shotguns or rifled chokes.
Because we don’t have chokes (could just be a gunmod, heh).

No good reasons though, it’s effectively just a different ammo type.

Do you mean we don’t have shotguns rifles by default? Also what specifically does that have to do with rifled slugs? (As don’t we have a rifled barrel mod for shotguns and isn’t the reason for a rifled slug to allow a smoothbore shotgun to have similar ballistics to a rifled shotgun)

No, that’s not how that works at all. A rifled shotgun slug fired out of a smoothbore shotgun is not going to operate properly. I don’t know if it’s going to misfire or jam, but it’s definitely not going to spin properly.

There seem to be various kinds of “ribbed” shotgun slugs, but they aren’t rifled per se.

Oh god that thing is an abomination, need to get rid of it : P

Firing slugs through unrifled barrels just ends up with poor accuracy is all. The ribbed slugs dont make a difference.
“rifled” slugs not only dont exist but they wouldnt make sense. To work, the rifling from the slug would have to dig into the barrel, which would not only damage it but you’d risk the slug getting stuck halfway through the fucking gun.
otherwise I’d just make bearing reloaded ammo into birdshot, that way you wouldnt have to bother.
As for where to get them, coudnt destroyed engines, wheels and other parts with axles drop them?

Considering we can use an extended barrel instead which is better in every respect minus increased size I would say yes.

Box O’ Truth says that rifled barrels increase buckshot spread.

Polished Steel Bearings are not anything like a slug. A slug looks similar in most brands like a standard bullet or an RPG-7 fat chunk of metal. In any event. The shotgun smooth bore can shoot these in real life similar in accuracy to a slug and with having armor piercing properties similar too a slug…BUT this could be a simple change of adding ball bearings to the reloaded slugs option instead of making something new.

FYI= check youtube. Some guys do all these wacky shotgun experiments. Friggin bearing is insane and easy to find materials in game. Just break stuff lol

…actually no. You can rifle bullets. But this is almost pointless as the barrel does the job already. In order for a rifled bullet to be more effective, the bullet rifling would have to spin the bullet more precisely than the barrel can provide.

Not much would be gained…but there maybe some accuracy gains if this were done. But I think in reality, the bullet would simply be able to shoot slightly further. Wind resistance would spin the bullet like the barrel does, allowing it to move further. So anyone have conjecture on this?