Partial drops

I find the current system where you can only drop a whole stack of items a bit lacking.
This may not be a problem with water bottles, for example, where I usually drop about 6 or 7 and then I can pick them up one by one again.
But batteries are different. There’s no way to divide them, if you drop 2500 charges, you can only pick up the whole 2500 again. And since every 100 of those are one unit of weight/space, I’m usually stuck with either no batteries or not all the carrying capacity I’d like.
Don’t know if it’ll help, but Stone Soup, for example, does that.
Thanks in advance.

We need to fix the help system to make this clear somehow, in the drop menu, if you hit a number and then an item leter, it queues up that many of the item to drop.

I don’t think that works with batteries.

IIRC, you can do that in advanced item management interface. It can be activated by “/”.

I was wrong, you can indeed drop numbers of batteries.

Not sure if we have partial pickups yet cause it’s the thing that’s really needed because you won’t be able to pick up something like 100,000 batteries at once in a container.