Drop individual items?

It’s nice stuff stacks, but sometimes I end up with like 3 bottles of clean water I don’t want to carry, or like 40 aspirin or 2-3 inhalers i want to keep separate. Basically the same thing for foods too.

Poorly documented interface: hit the number of items you want to drop, then the letter. The - symbol next to the item should change to a # rather than a +, and when you confirm the drop you’ll drop whatever amount you specified.

Thank you, only after screwing around with it now I remembered the # sign could come up, at least now I know how to do it reliably.

okay! i finally got it.

with a caveat … if the thing you’re dropping shows (qty) then the ‘-’ isnt going to change into the ‘#’. meaning you don’t get the visual feedback you would if [qty] was shown.

so i tried it with meds and never saw it … until i tried it with rocks and it became clear. yeah. ty!

Oh, thank you.

I didn’t know this, too. I always dropped everything. :smiley:

It seems to me that this feature is indeed nowhere documented, not in the wiki, not in the in-game help. This must change. :wink: