Parks and recreation mod

Hi all just want to say there is an error now with this mod I shall get the error later as not able to right now.

info so far

CDDA version 6784 64bit tiles
Load game and have parks and rec buildings mod enabled try to create world and BAM error and sends ya back to main menu :frowning:

Thanks :slight_smile:

NM removed that mod from the list and it now seems PK has same error so must have been an update that realy screwed thinsg up :frowning:

Ok this is the cause of this

Get rid of id_or_id (commit: e987920) — kevin.granade / detail

because if I use a CDDA version before this PR its all good :slight_smile:

The mods need updated base terrain definition
Find the regional data and replace “default_groundcover” with this:

"default_groundcover": [ [ "t_grass", 4 ], [ "t_dirt",  1 ] ],

Thank you :slight_smile: shall do this later :slight_smile:

Hmmm did what ya said probably did it wrong though and still got errors LOL.
:frowning: cant update to latest version till its fixed as it also happens in PK mod.

I shall wait hopefully all mods are updated soon :).

You need to do it for all the mods that update ground cover, or at least for the last one you load

Hmmm this mod still aint been updated to work with latest CDDA :(.

Doing that quick text fix and submitting it via a PR would be good practice for jumping into the contributor pool. I’ll try that later today if nobody else has. :wink:

I’ve updated archive in Dropbox. Same link, so launcher can update from there now -

Thank you so much matey :).

Still getting errors now from other damn bloody mods :frowning: small town and building pack :(.

I might have a look at what the cahnges are in the one ya fixed and compare them so I can have a go at tweaking it but yeah not any good at this stuff tbh :frowning:

Thank you for your fix any ways :slight_smile:


Why did kevin make this change to the damn core game any ways its messed every bloody mod up?.
Dont get me wrong I am sure he had good reason LOL just gutted that none of the mods work at the moment :slight_smile:
whats the gain from his changes?.

Updated version of Small Town Building Pack -

The changes are really good - previously default terrain could only have two types of terrain (for example, dirt and grass). Now modders can use multiple terrains.