Parkour Practitioner Profession

A profession to go along with the trait, because why not? Since I fail at making commits, here’s something to paste into professions.json:

“type”: “profession”,
“ident”: “parkour_practitioner”,
“name”: {
“male”: “Traceur”,
“female”: “Traceuse”
“description”: “You’ve practiced parkour for many years, and made the world your playground. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that running is your life. Which is good, because now that the end has come, you’re running for your life.”,
“points”: 2,
“traits”: [
“skills”: [
“level”: 4,
“name”: “dodge”
“items”: {
“both” : [
“male”: [
“female”: [


Play-tested it with no issues, though it could probably use a bump in the point cost. By how much, I leave open to debate. Have at it, folks.

P.S.: Debated including gloves of some sort in the starting gear. Ended up leaving it out. Also duct tape. Thoughts?

I like it. And I supose that fingerless gloves would fit well.

Interesting idea. 4 dodge plus a free trait is a decent bonus, but at the same time the starting gear isn’t really ideal for the common spring start. It’s not at unwilling mutant or shower victim levels, but is enough that it might not need too large a point cost increase. Not sure the exact amount.

Fingerless or leather gloves, yeah. Prevailing opinion seems to be that bare hands are better for tactile feedback, but any gloves at all are a warmth boost to hands. Didn’t really intend it to be ideal for spring start, though. Now that we have a stamina stat, would be nice to have a mechanic that lets exercise generate warmth. To the idea board, away!

Or add the perk, that gives more stamina for easy solution?
Havin a high Dodge ought to rise cost, since there aren’t that many ways to grind Dodge in-game vs skills, that you can grind easily/find books.

Mn. As it stands, the added stamina perk isn’t all that great compared to the rest, but it does make thematic sense to pick up. And yeah, Dodge pretty much tapers off at 5 with grinding, but it and Dex represent acrobatic ability, so eh. I was going by the standard of the other 1 point professions. I personally don’t think it needs to go over 2 points, but that’s me. In practice, I’ve found that my poor traceuse gets her limbs gnawed on just as often as all my other characters.

Maybe creating a skill, that gets better simply by moving and rises your stamina as it increases?
Is something like that doable other than through the mod that increases stats as skills go up?

Eee~h. If it is, it’s beyond my very meager ability to pull off. I don’t think that’s the solution. As it turns out, there’s already something like what I had in mind implemented in the game already. It could be tweaked, but I’m happy enough having started a discussion along those lines.

Adding a skill? Doable. Making it useful for anything besides new crafting recipes? Not so much. I’ve already found that out elsewhere ( ).

The best solution here would be to merge health and stamina and also include a hidden skill that goes up while doing things that require one to move his fat arse to give a realistic stamina, that goes down when you’re generally unhealthy and goes up with healthy lifestyle, making reading books a long period a bad thing.
Oh, and to estimate your stat you need to do a Cooper.

Okay, so I went ahead and bumped up the point cost to 2. Could probably use some more tweaking elsewhere, but eh. I’m satisfied with it overall.

Hmm. Yeah, bumping the point cost up to 2 seems acceptable.