Profession point costs

I think certain professions should be re-evaluated for their point costs, in terms of the value of the gear/abilities/mutations/bionics they carry, and the long-term utility of those same things, examples:

5 Point:

Traceur: sure it carries Parkour as a trait and grants you a solid Dodge rating right out the bat, but otherwise the majority of its gear is super common, and it’s generally a very short-term benefit for each.

Competitive Fencer: slightly better long-term payout than the Traceur given its skill gives Fencing as a Martial Art(which is much more likely to be relevant throughout the game), it is still equipped with only relatively weak armor and little to no utility gear.

Career Politician: has rather high social skills to start, and skilled liar, but that’s about it.

These three seem out of place when most of their fellows give piles of rare, good equipment and/or entire suites of rare to uncommon CBMs pre-installed

6 Point:

Camper: does start with some nice stuff, but the hatchet and entrenching tool are only moderately better than the stone equivalents as tools a Naturalist could make with its laundry-list of skills and abilities, and the hatchet isn’t that much better of a weapon. Tent, Rollmat, and First Aid kit are nice, admittedly, but I have doubts that this is worth 6 points.

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