I was very happy to see ovens in the game, however at the moment they seam to be just scenery. Could you either make them work with power, or perhaps let you light wood on fire inside them with out burning the house down, I’d like to be able to cook inside when its raining.

We already have fireplaces and furnaces.

Huh? played for a while and not seen one, is it in the latest windows build?

I have not seen furnaces, but fire places and wood stoves are in cabins and such.

I have not seen cabins…

Do they work, ie if you light a fire in them will the whole house set on fire?

No the house won’t burn down, then they would be useless.

Braziers are set up able versions of fireplaces.

The first time i tried a cabins stove it burned the house…
but i may have had too much in the fire…

Cabins have an oven and a wood stove. I’ve specifically tried burning down a cabin from the wood stove and didn’t succeed. I even had an ammunition fire going, and while that did spread to the adjacent tiles, the tiles adjacent to the stove are rock floor, so it didn’t spread beyond there.

The oven though merrily burns just like any other oven.

I think i had some wood in those tiles…