[Experimental (289)] Chairs spawning instead of Stoves

Noticed this a few builds ago but forgot to mention it.

I’m getting chairs spawning covered in pots, pants and tea kettles instead of stoves in homes.

I didn’t realize it at first.
But I did loot a house earlier Build 289, and remember getting a pots a red #.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t these types of oven-less homes spawn with some alternative cooking tool, such as dehydrators, hotplates, or charcoal grills?

Actually, just now in 323 I had a kitchen with a sink, and 3 chairs. 1 was covered in pots/pants/kettles, the other covered with all the normal refrigerator contents like rotten fried chicken and milk, some lemonade, etc. So it almost feels like either appliance (or both) can end up replaced with a chair.

It’s called bad generation. Been seeing this for ages.