Opening Manholes Does Not Leave a Manhole Cover

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Open one with a crowbar and the cover ceases to exist.

Think Futurama. You insert the crowbar into the opening and it “turns off.”

A nice cover story, but they’re supposed to drop when opened.

At least they used to do so until recently.

Yeah. Especially since said covers were one of the few items to have WBlock3 (or whatever it’s called now): they were Shields.

To be honest, a manhole cover would make a lousy shield, they are way too heavy.

Fixed in git, thanks for the report.

Well what about having them be used to make wheels?

Bike tire
1 man hole cover
2 rubber hose

Regular tire (No idea what its called in game but they’re the ones on cars)
2 man hole cover
4 rubber hose

Wide tire
3 man hole cover
8 rubber hose

They’d be frickin’ heavy wheels, and probably a bumpy ride…but should be near-invulnerable. Interesting idea if the crafted wheel is distinct from the standard wheels.

“Improvised X Wheel”?

So then heavy wheels that will make your car stronger but make you slow. BALLANNCCEEE

Yeah, I hate the B-word too. Problem is that you’re making a wheel out of an inch-thick steel plate, last I knew. That isn’t particularly light or flexible. Sorry.

Well depending on what kind of vehicle you’re making, it might not be a problem. It’s not going to work out all that well on a bicycle, but for load-bearing non-drive wheels at the front of your zombies smasher, it might be exactly what you want.

I’ve seen wheeled excavators where each wheel position is actually two inflatable tires with a round steel plate slightly smaller than the wheels in between them. Presumably to make sure the whole thing doesn’t tip over in case of the tires going pop.

Yeah, that would be basically impossible, could you imagine trying to push that? You wouldn’t be able to go fast enough to not tip over!

Solid wheels belong on stuff that isn’t meant to go more than 2mph anyways, like the aforementioned excavators.