OLD Tileset

Ok I know my chances are pretty slim, but do you guys remember the first old tileset from the former forums of cataclysm ?
I think it was even differently structured from the ASCII version. I think it had a certain name but I can’t recall it.
Does anyone know what I’m jabbering about here ?
(Also I didn’t really know where I should post this, so I figured the modding subforum would fit)

umm… daftigod’s fatdog tileset(http://smf.cataclysmdda.com/index.php?topic=753.0)?

No, this tileset ain’t it. It was a crude old tileset, I think it was even made before actual support for tileset in Cataclsym. It used some sort of pseudo-tile set support . On the other hand don’t think too far off, since it was relativly known on the old forums. (I think the first tileset after it that came was Deon’s)
What’s worse is that since the old servers are gone I can’t trace it back, more than that I think chances for a link link left are even slimmer :frowning: