Old Inventory Interface in Experimental and Slow Zombies Mod

I just downloaded the new experimental and it’s okay, but… I really miss the old inventory screen (how it takes over the whole screen when you press [i]). Is there any way to manually change the interface to the old way that it showed the inventory covering the whole screen? I don’t like the flimsy new menu that pops up when you press [i].

Also… no more slow zombies? “Monster speed” is cool, but I don’t want slow migos and kreks, I want fast monsters and slow zombies… just zombies, like night of the living dead. I don’t want to slow down every monster, because I don’t want to rip through the world like an overpowered speed demon, I just want to rip through huge hordes of slow zombies. I usually turn zombie spawns up incredibly high and tear through them, but it’s easy to get swarmed, which makes it kinda balanced but easier if you stay away from cities and only move fast on the outskirts, which is how I usually play.

Can anyone help me with these things? I would really appreciate it. Those are my two biggest qualms with the new experimental, other than that, everything seems really cool.

Sadly not everything that can be adjusted is adjustable in JSON mod files. More hardcoded properties are being made modable but it seems like it is slow going.

You can compile your own version.

Isn’t there a way to just make it affect only certain monster groups? i quite liked Slow Zombies as well.
Still, it’s nice to be able to adjust all monster speeds, but i quite like the classic movies idea of old dumb zombies, hehe
Straume, you CAN go and edit monster speeds in the code for every and all zombies, you gotta go to Cataclysm folder/data/json and edit Monsters.json with notepad++, and edit the “speed” value specifically. It’s quite a bit of work, but with looking for the keyword “zombie” with the search function it might be not that hard (all of the zombie monsters are in the faction “zombie”, so you won’t miss any).
You might need to experiment with the values a bit though.

I’m not entirely sure if this is the way to do it, as i got only a small idea of how the data works, but i guess that should be it?
Hope it helps!

The slow zombies mod is still there…

Hmm… It just didn’t show up for me in the mod list in the experimental… Not sure why that is