Okay then, let's start with radiation sickness. But that's far from the only issue

10,000 msv is supposed to be lethal within weeks.

I have 1,600 msv and I am dead within the hour, with absolutely nothing I can do about it, even with every possible remedy and countermeasure. Nanobots, iodide, blue, and it’s far too late for me to make use of the radiation scrubber, assuming that would save me anyway.

I’ve gotten around seven mutations in three hours, abusing goofy super items to stay alive. I have also run out of goofy super items.

See, I have no idea what’s a bug and what’s a feature anymore in this weird overcooked thing, so knowing where things “go” is pretty much impossible. And apparently just tossing out everything that “you think is not working right” gets your thread locked. Fair enough, I guess?

And there are a lot of things I think are not working right. Ever since I updated to F, I’ve been at war with the game constantly and repeatedly needing to abuse the hell out of debug just to get past absolute nonsense. Dude with an M1911 firing like 12 times in the time it takes me to walk a single step, taking a single whiff of toxic gas and having stats utterly nuked, losing 34% of walking speed from the onset of nice weather, NPC constantly talking to me over and over just to say nothing every time and then getting himself killed from the noise of firing the guns he stole from me after I went upstairs, nutrition reportedly not being implemented except for the one part that sort of is, almost no house having any plates or bowls in the kitchen, inaccessible underground portal pockets that constantly spawn monsters until it crashes the game with a segmentation fault, random radiation pockets in residential areas that spike your radiation levels up to -42% weakness within half an hour, and this is all just off the top of my head.

You might think you want me to be serious. You…really do not want me to be serious. If I made a thread for each instance, I would be filling the entire board for days, if not weeks, considering I’d also have to figure out where each problem is coming from. Which module, what conflict, what the actual cause is, with so many things going bonkers at the same time.

Even with 50000% accelerated radiation sickness, I don’t know if it’s not working right, or someone just decided to take significant artistic liberty with the concept of realism. And if it’s the latter, that would be criticism, not a bug report. And I’m too depressed for critique.

Don’t use radiation to trigger mutations, it’ll get you killed.

If you think the way you’ve wrote the other topic was seriously a “bug report”, you might want to take a look at a guide on How to Report Bugs Effectively.

For a start: Always name the game version you’re playing, as well as Mods loaded, your operating system and if you’re using the third party launcher. We can’t read your mind or your desktop, only your post.
Furthermore, if you want a “bug” fixed, it would be helpful to answer if you are asked to clarify.

Also keep in mind: The game is still an alpha version, it changes constantly.

Let’s move on to the current topic:

I don’t know where you got this information from. To quote one of many sources:

An exposition of 8 gray or higher will kill you - with or without care - within 2 days to 2 weeks. Above 30 gray, death usually comes within 1-2 hours after exposure.
But even low exposure can be deadly within a short time. It’s unlikely, but can happen.

Time to clarify: Was your character exposed to 1.6 Sievert or does his/her body radiate out 1.6 Sievert?

  • Nanobots are not designed to help with radiation exposure, but might keep you alive by healing the damage it causes (if you keep it running).
  • Potassium iodide has - just as in real life - to be taken before an exposure to radiation to reduce the effects. It’s not a cure.
  • Prussian blue does help, it reduces the radiation slowly while you are under the “effect” of it.
  • The radiation scrubber removes 5 mSv per operation. As long as you have enough energy for it, you can activate it repeatedly until you are no longer irradiated.

What now? Did it kill you within the hour or did you survive for at least 3 hours (and probably even more, as you don’t start to mutate right away)?

Toxic gas that incapacitated your character exists since at least 0.C, and it was actually very effective in the two world wars…

I’m finding a lot of these items in kitchen and/or on the dining table. Not sure that this is a reason to abuse the debug system, but I’m not going to judge…

Uh, yes. There are craters all over the place. This is the appocalypse, and if you don’t mind spoilers you might want to read up on the background story. In short: Nukes were used, craters are highly radioactive, don’t stand in a crater for half an hour…

At 500x accelerated effects, you’d highly likely to be dead within 30 minutes.