So how fucked am I?

so I heard there was sometimes ore under craters so I thought id go try to find some, a little while into it I got super tired and found out that I had weak bones, despite basically living off rations and pemmican, by the time I got back to my base I also had a cold, fast forward a bit and I checked my biomonitor and I have about 1750 msv.
ive been trying to take some prussian blue to get rid of it but every time I do I wind up throwing it up, is there any more reliable method of delivery or am I going to die?

1.750msv is a lot of radiation, and there are very little means to recover from it without proper treatment. “Maybe” you will be able to survive if you avoid fighting until your msvs are zeroed out, but… it will take a long while - this if you dont die from an infection or an environmental disease in the meantime.
You may also mutate while you’re infected radiated, but I don’t know the % chances of that happening over time.

Unless you maybe have a radiation scrubber CBM, if it’s even still in the game, I haven’t seen it in ages.

I managed to get my radiation under 500 by waiting manually for about 3 days for the prussian blue to work, thnx for reminding me about the rad scrubber cbm I completely forgot about it :smiley:

You could (ab)use the game calculation on how food is processed.
Basically, if you eat, drink or take any oral medication right before every full half hour (15:00:00 or 11:30:00, as examples), you will digest it (or part of it) before you can vomit it out again. Take into account the few seconds it takes to consume it, though, as you’ll need to have it fully ingested before the clock ticks over.

Aside from that and what already was mentioned, I don’t know of any other method.

I don’t remember infections causing mutations. If you meant the radiation causing mutations, that firstly depends on the game settings (as it can be toggled off) and then on how high the radiation level is; based on the code, it picks a random number between 100 and 10’000 and checks it against the current radiation value of the body, every 15 in-game minutes. If the radiation value is higher than the random number, you’ll mutate.

I don’t remember infections causing mutations.

Oops, bad wording there, I meant radiation/radiated, thanks for spotting that!

Just FYI: it’s still in the game, right in bionics itemgroup.
And it is as unrealistically OP as it always have been. I don’t even remember energy cost or rads removed per activation, but the fact that it works instantly… yeah.

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As far as the nausea, won’t heartburn medicine help with that?

No, as radiation does not cause nausea, but vomiting directly and is therefore not influenced by heartburn medicine.
You can find the code that causes that just two lines below the code I’ve linked in my last post in this topic.

It makes sense in a way, as you probably don’t vomit because you’re nauseous, but because your stomach and other body parts slowly dissolve itself due to the radiation sickness…

All you can do is wait, or take medicine and use CBM. During this period of time, you will deduct your body health value, and your movement speed will be greatly slowed down. It is recommended to stay indoors for 4-5 days.