Waterlogged Loot

So, with the inclusion of swimming pools, and the planned addition of lakes coming up in the (near?) future, we now have a few different ways for people to end up underwater. Now, sadly, unless you’re fleeing across a river, there just isn’t much use for swimming as a skill at present, which means that even though there’s more water than ever, there isn’t any reason to go into it.

My proposal is simple. Let’s put some random stuff down at the bottom of swimming pools or around bridges that cross rivers. A few pieces of mid-value loot that wouldn’t be damaged by water, bodies of other survivors that didn’t make it, maybe a vehicle that drove off a bridge and has some stuff stored in the trunk. By tossing a few decent weapons, pieces of armor, even a stash of sealed food or batteries down in the deep, it motivates players to explore, and it can also let us add things like underwater caves, sunken robot factories, and SCUBA gear in the future that won’t go unnoticed forever because there would actually be a reason to explore the depths.

I think this is a great idea.

You have my supports.