Implement river floor as a separate Z-level

Right now the bottom of deep water seems to be in this weird in-between state. I think if it was implemented as a basement level, it would make things a lot more fun for gilled characters. You could build underwater bases, then. In the future, this could also allow for more interesting areas, like flooded cities or crude constructions by squids. It would also allow for submarines, in the future.

I like the idea as a simple placeholder while z-levels are figured out.
The key word is simple… if it’s not simple then I’d rather not take time away from (the developers working on) real z-levels.

Oh yeah, obviously actual Z-levels are a priority, but a basement implementation should be simple enough to start working on an underwater base. On that note, even with all the wet penalty decreasing mutations and the benefit increasing ones, you still get a major morale drop from being underwater for prolonged periods. Maybe reverse it, so that with enough water-based mutations you get a morale penalty for not being wet.

I’m just picturing a river covered in yellow >'s.

Mmm… i see this has a lot of potential.

I tought of this once. I think it would be a great idea to have them go deeper and deeper depending of the river’s size.

Z levels:
0: ---------------
-1: -----------
-2: —
-3 -

So, the “-” are the tiles of water watched by the side, not by topdown view. got me? I can’t explain myself very well in english.

Yeah, I’m not really sure how to work around being able to surface and dive anywhere in the river, either. Maybe have the riverbank be the only viable surfacing/diving point? I don’t want to cripple functionality on a whim, though, so hopefully someone with more experience than me can figure this out.

StopSignal’s idea is pretty good, but that should probably wait until proper Z-levels are implemented. Right now a simple basement level is about the best simulation possible, I think.

This is a great idea! I can imagine with stuff like diving gear, subs, shipwrecks and so on it’d be something really new in an RL.

StopSignal, I completely understand what you mean and I’m sure the others will too.

As far as being able to dive I think, if your swimming and fail or if you dive(maybe a new command) or drive a car into the water it would be like an auto transport to the corresponding underwater part.

The surfacing can probably just be the same as stairs on the edge of the riverbed, maybe even a tile outside it on either side to simulate steep sides but still being able to swim up. Maybe a new marker meaning embankment or something rather then using the stair signal.

In regards to the wetness morale penalty, I don’t think you should suffer from it while you’re in water. Being uncomfortable because your damp is a result of expecting to be dry, and you have no such expectation in water. If you’re in water, the only thing that should matter is if you feel cold.

Out of water, perhaps you no longer get a morale penalty from wetness if you have the Sleek Scales or Slimy mutations.

KA101 is working on revamping water mutations as part of his general mutation overhaul. Some testing revealed somewhat strange and inconsistent results with wet penalties and clothes, so it might take a while for that to be sorted out.

Well, I’m looking forward to it. Just got to get some time…maybe over Thanksgiving?

In any event, morale doesn’t insta-change based on conditions (so it’s more the memory of being stuck in sopping clothes, not necessarily being in the sopping clothes ATM) and does some wacky things regarding clothing. (My favorite so far is that drizzle feels “meh” when you’re wearing nothing but swim trunks, but “good” when naked. OK…?) Sorting that out may be a while, yeah.

I like making river bottoms z-1, but that’s actually pretty crowded with subway lines and sewers. Now, if we moved subways and sewers down to z-2, that’d free up some real estate and give space for nontraditional living styles, whether aquatic or subterranean.

Maybe have river bottoms be z-2? That way it would be a less obtrusive addition. Maybe these are really deep rivers.

Could have the river bottom vary as well. Have some shallow spots and some deep spots. Being able to have a subway line go underneath rivers would be a good idea, since a lot of cities are built along rivers and would want to have that connection. Plus it could make nice bug-free alternatives to bridges for players ready to risk running around in the dark.

Tunnels under the river? This remind me of the movie Daylight where a bunch of people stuck under a collapsed tunnel with the water slowly breaching in. Would be cool to have something to that effect in Cataclysm.

It’d be pretty neat if flooding was implemented, so you could crack open those aquariums in science labs and slowly watch the room fill up.